It’s been a crazy couple of weeks over here at Love Gets Sweeter.

I’ve also been overwhelmed with the response to my search for the perfect family for my NEW AND EXCITING family video and photo idea (if you missed that, the original blog is HERE)!

a little toddler girl smiles as she tried to hide herself and her easter egg under a silver throw hanging over a sofa as her Mum takes a photo in their holiday house in Penrith

We’ve also enjoyed a little family break in the Lake District where this little lady above spent most of the time trying to figure out how to hide and eat as many Easter eggs as she could…

Do you know or have a little person like this?

Always making you laugh with their funny ways?

Always keeping you on your toes?

Have you even managed to catch those funny moments on camera?

It’s hard, isn’t it?

This photo above was one of maybe 5 or 6. Yep. It took 5 or 6 attempts to get this shot, the one I love of her that says it all about this moment. About the whole weekend!

And I imagine you’ve been the same at times. You’ve looked back over your phone photos or camera and spotted 10 or more of the same shot as you’d tried to get the perfect one. Sometimes not even getting one you like.

That’s normal and nothing to be frowned at, even the pro’s do it!

Firstly, children are moving targets most of the time! If you’re chasing a target it’s much harder to get the shot you’re after.

little girl holds a small inflatable pink flamingo in her hand as she looks up past the camera with a little smile

3 year old girl stands waiting for a boat at derwent water in her warm purple coat and matching polar bear hat and gloves

A natural family photo of a young daughter accepts a hug off her Daddy with a pout as he bends down to say goodbye at their holiday home in Penrith

Here’s a little tip.

Don’t chase.


As unpredictable as kids can be, they can usually be engrosed in something long enough for us to get a cute moment on camera. No ‘say cheese’ needed. Honest!

If anything, as parents we can usually predict when they’re going to do that ‘thing’ they always do that’s really cute.

For example, Paisley loves to go ‘ahhh, deeeeeelicious’ after she’s taken a big gulp of hot chocolate so I know it’s (usually) coming. So I try to be ready.

It takes a bit of practice but it can make a huge difference.

If it’s your phone you prefer using, work out the quickest way to get the camera on (for my Samsung it’s a double tap/click of the homepage button at the bottom).

If it’s your camera there’s usually a standby mode, kinda like TV’s. So you can leave it turned on but it’ll go in to standby after so long on. It means as soon as you go to press down on the button to take the photo it comes back on really quickly!

Leaving the lens cap off your camera can help too. You lose precious seconds getting those things off!

Having them ready saves us some time to get that spontaneous moment we’d LOVE to capture.

a little girl attempts to catch hot chocolate dripping down her chin as she enjoys a hot drink after a long cold walk in the lake district

(This is Paisley enjoying one of her current favourite things. A hot chocolate! I’ve no idea why I dressed her in white that day…)

Then have it handy. No point playing downstairs and having to run upstairs to dig the camera out. Keep it close by.

You could gently ‘encourage’ them to try something whilst you work on your photos or let them go with the flow. But most importantly enjoy it and once you’ve got a cute shot, pop the camera back down for the next time.

I hope these handy tips help you capture those cute and fun moments a little easier!

Charlene xx