Planning a wedding during a global pandemic can certainly be challenging.

In the weeks running up to the wedding day in Preston we had numerous chats, emails and Instagram texts whilst monitoring the constant changing local tier systems and restrictions for Lancashire.

They remained so calm I was genuinely impressed and knew it would mean their wedding would be an even greater celebration of love to have gotten through all the uncertainty.

With the micro wedding ceremony booked to take place at the Preston Marriott it was only a matter of waiting to see how restrictions shifted just before Christmas. Thankfully it didn’t get worse so they managed to squeeze their winter wedding ceremony in just in time!

If you’re planning a smaller, ‘Micro’ wedding, an intimate winter wedding or would love to be inspired by a couple that got married despite all the challenges Covid19 (and Boris) throu at them then you’ll love Jess and Jamal’s wedding film…


A Winter Wedding Video – Preston Marriott Hotel

If you were to tell your best friend about your ‘pandemic’ wedding and having it filmed, what would you say?

Best decision we made.

We didn’t originally intend on having the bigger wedding filmed, but decided that we could use the extra savings we didn’t spend on the Reception to have footage to keep forever.

We’ve watched it easily over 50 times already and have the biggest smiles on our faces every time.

Without a doubt I would recommend getting a wedding filmed, the memories are priceless and I think having so many conversations with you in the run up and being so honest and transparent meant that you were able to capture the details and things that don’t mean much to anyone else, but a lot to us!

Jess and Jamal

A Relaxed Wedding Morning at Home in Preston

Even after over 10 years as a wedding videographer filming the excitement in the morning is one of my favourite parts of the day to capture! I think it tends to be the part people are unsure about being filmed but it goes on to be one of the best bits to relive because the nerves (even excited ones) take over and you forget so much!

Jess got spoilt on her wedding morning by her Mum who had breakfast laid out, lots of beautiful wedding day decorations to make a fuss and a HUGE bottle of Prosecco to enjoy (even if it started off just the two of them!).

Jamal’s morning was a slight contrast with all his family up from London and making a big fuss getting him ready!

With it being a winter wedding near Christmas there were lots of festive touches to the day and in their homes which added to the magic.

As well as a beautiful old black and white photo of Jess’s Nan on her wedding day in her room where her wedding dress hung, ready for her to become a Bride herself…


video still of wedding rings by christmas tree
old wedding photo sits by new wedding dress
brides wedding dress hangs ready by mirror
mum and daughter relax before wedding ceremony in preston
mother of the bride helps fix her hair before Preston ceremony
groom helps young nephew get ready
someone helps groom with his black bow tie before winter wedding in preston

Socially Distanced Wedding Send Off In Lancashire

Jess’s Mum had arranged for neighbours and friends to wave Jess off before her wedding ceremony at the Preston Marriott. A proper emotional little socially distanced wedding send off before she became a Mrs.

Everyone was respectful of keeping their distance yet it didn’t feel awkward like it can when people are mindful of keeping everyone safe.

There were even some tears as Jess came out to show off her dress!

Her Brother and Sister-in-law joined them from Spain virtually thanks to Facebook Rooms. They were lucky enough to be the first to see her in her dress too (after myself as the videographer filming her getting ready of course!).

It reminded me how special this wedding film will be to look back on. I know they grow in value as a wedding memory but this felt more powerful with all the restrictions meaning things felt a little different to ‘normal’…


socially distanced neighbours wait for bride to leave in Preston
video still of bride getting ready in mirror at home in preston
close up of an old wedding ring good luck charm
bride shows off dress to brother virtually on Facebook
young flower girl has lipstick smudged
groom and his family laugh together before wedding ceremony
bride stands outside preston home to show dress to neighbours
covid bride laughs distanced from neighbours in preston

Wedding Ceremony At Preston Marriott

With only a handful of guests, to meet the wedding ceremony restrictions of 15 wedding guests attending, it was really easy to get everyone seated within the Preston Marriott ceremony room before they got married.

Jamal chatted from the front with his family whilst Jess did a ‘first look’ with her Dad in one of the Marriott’s suites upstairs. She’s hinted he may cry so Sarah (their wedding photographer, Sarah Maria Photography) and I were ready to capture the happy tears!

They decided to have two videographers to film the day, despite it being a shorter day and needing less coverage they felt it was important to capture as much as possible. Initially it was to film Jamal getting ready with his family as his family mean so much to him but Paul (my camera assistant/second shooter extraordinaire) also stayed to capture the ceremony too so they could relive their family enjoying the intimate ceremony as well as their happy faces from the front.

In a bit of a spontaneous change I stayed at the front to capture Jess walking down the aisle towards her Groom and Paul captured the guests reactions from the back (I LOVE her Mum looking so proud!).

I kept the video shot of the ceremony nice and wide as I felt it was important to see their guests and even her Brother watching from Spain on the iPad. I felt it was important to tell the story of their festive micro wedding, with guests in masks and their ceremony feelings so cosy and intimate. A small wedding doesn’t have to feel small and when I film them it’s all about the relationships, moments and connections so most definitely doesn’t feel ’empty’ or really quiet…


bride walks down aisle at Preston Marriott Lancashire
video still of couple getting married at Preston Marriott Lancashire
bride and groom say vows during Preston Covid ceremony
micro wedding ceremony at Preston Marriott
couple kiss on wedding video at Preston Micro wedding

Confetti and Kisses Outside Preston Marriott Hotel

With all the restrictions changing so quickly in the run up to their wedding there were worries it may not go ahead so things like confetti never made the list.

Thankfully a back up supply of Dollz Confetti I had stashed came to the rescue and guests got to throw a ridiculous amount all over them as they walked out of the Preston Marriott as Husband and Wife!

Even after alllll these years I still LOVE filming a confetti shot. Not only for the couples happy faces but filming the guests too. There’s always an overly enthusiastic or cheeky guest ready to throw to much or put a handful somewhere that isn’t thrown in the air….

Guests were wonderfully respectful keeping their distance yet it didn’t feel ‘distanced’ at all. Beaming smiles were obvious under their masks and everyone still squealed with excitement throwing all the confetti to celebrate!

Sadly restrictions in Lancashire meant no reception for the couple and their wedding guests so after a handful of professional formal wedding photos of the guests with the happy couple everyone had to say their goodbyes.

confetti outside Preston Marriott Hotel Lancashire
wedding guests in masks after micro wedding in Preston
couple pose with iPad for distanced wedding photos

Quiet Time As Newlyweds (and with the Videographer and Photographer…)

Despite the wedding day being officially over we all felt it was important to take a few moments to capture the two of them before they headed home.

Faces glowing and huge smiles made it fun to film as Sarah directed them in to some natural poses.

I thought I’d end their film on them giggling and being silly as I felt it really showed them as a couple over them being all romantic.

Great ending to a wonderful love story, don’t you think…?


Wedding Venue: Preston Marriott, Broughton (Lancashire)

Wedding Photographer: Sarah Maria Photography (the BEST photographer buddy!)


Planning A Mini Wedding In Preston, Lancashire? Like The Idea Of Having It Filmed Too…?

I’ve had the pleasure of filming a few mini weddings (now known as ‘micro’, ‘covid’ or smaller weddings) in the last 10 years. In fact my first ever wedding only had 13 guests!

I’m all about capturing those moments and connections no matter what size the guest list and would love to hear more about your plans.

If you’d like to find out more about my pricing as a videographer filming weddings in Preston, Lancashire and around the North West head over to my Pricing page.

Or maybe have a look around my website to get a feel for my wedding videos and what I’m like as a wedding videographer? I feel it’s important to really connect with the person you want to film your day so you can put your trust in them and feel totally relaxed in front of the camera…

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