This blog is all about My Boudoir, my experience with Nicola and also a little Behind The Scenes glimpse with the help of her very own promotional video to show off how awesome she really is!

I’m sure anyone who either knows me or has been following this wedding blog will know I have a soft spot for My Boudoir¬†photography and the very talented Nicola Grimshaw-Mitchell.

She’s now one of the leading pin up and boudoir photographers in the UK and she’s based not far from me in Ramsbottom in Lancashire.

Way back in 2009 I did a shoot of my own before my wedding and loved every minute…well, let me be honest. At first I was totally petrified but Nicola is amazing at getting you relaxed and I couldn’t wait to get my images!

Below are a few examples of her recent boudoir beauties…

Gorgeous aren’t they?

We kept in touch after my shoot and Nicola was great at giving me help and advice when I started up Love Gets Sweeter-she had tons of knowledge from photographing weddings!

We had toyed with the idea of filming one of her boudoir shoots to produce a sort of ‘behind the scenes’ videos but never quite got round to it.

We worried about how we could make it look beautiful and classy without looking too…yuk.

Thankfully we just decided to go for it and I couldn’t help but get super excited about the whole concept we’d come up with. One of her girls even said yes to being filmed and so we set our date!

On the day it was like two friends catching up and I tried my best to keep my professional head on while fussing the ever so adorable Normie and Stan, Nicola’s gorgeous French Bulldogs!

Nicola was a natural in front of the camera and everything that I warmed to on my own shoot came across without me even needing to coax it out!

I managed to get plenty out of her before the phone rang meaning that our boudoir model, Jen, was on her way!

It’s funny seeing this part from the ‘other’ side and I could see Nicola working her magic as a nervous Jen walked in to her cosy living room.

Before we knew it Michelle had arrived to start the make up and hair transformation and Nicola went through all the possible shots Jen could try.

I captured all the of the fabulous make over as Jen was transformed in to a pin up model and we were soon ushered upstairs so I could capture Nicola working her boudoir magic…

I could go on about how amazing my experience was, how much confidence it gave me and how much I love my images as the shoot just made me feel so good about myself…but hopefully I don’t need to as the behind the scenes promotional film will say everything we want it to!

A lot of ladies are hesitant as they believe they’ll never look as amazing as the girls in the images. We’ve all been there, trust us! Take a look at the before and after galleries if you don’t believe me! It’s worth an email to Nicola though, she will reassure you, answer any question you have and before you know it you’ll be looking over your very own boudoir book…