I honestly mean it when I say every wedding of mine holds a special place in my heart but this one…

The bride and groom pull each other close and have a kiss as they're announced husband and wife in front of their guests, wedding photographer and videographer too, at Mitton Hall in Clitheroe Lancashire

This really was on another level and so special I knew I wouldn’t be in any fit state to actually film it myself.

Plus, I don’t think having a camera strapped to me as I walk down the aisle is the best idea!

This bride is my very beautiful Sister in law, Keri. She married the man of her dreams (Tom, if you were wondering) at Mitton Hall in Clitheroe (in the heart of the Ribble Valley in Lancashire).

I was very (VERY) happy to have been asked to be her Maid of Honour and early on we agreed that she wanted me to do her wedding video too. No pressure…

A Fun Mitton Hall Wedding Video

After all the meticulous planning (and epic 4 page schedule for my camera assistants) I still ended up filming a little in the morning!

Even Mick Cookson, their wedding photographer and lovely wedding friend of mine, gave a little tut when he spotted me!

But it wasn’t long before my guys arrived to take hold of the reigns and I was able to enjoy being a real maid of honour (that means pouring lots of champagne and keeping the bride happy with an awesome playlist and food…lots of food!).

Phoebe and Amy at Flossy and Leigh were the professional make-up and hair ladies chosen to make myself, Keri and her Mum look radiant while Mick snapped away inside one of the Mitton Hall suites.

The boys got ready at the other side of Mitton Hall and even found time for a bit of scrabble in the main hall before they got dressed.

The morning really did fly by and after lots of tears (mainly by me after I opened the gift I’d been given) the bridesmaids arrived. It was then time to get Keri in to THAT amazing Stewart Parvin wedding dress with the lace jacket.

I think her Dad liked it as he got all wobbly lipped as he stepped in to the room (one moment I feel I HAVE to capture as a wedding videographer)!

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights1

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights2

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights4

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights5

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights6

Phoebe at Flossy and Leigh laughs and chats with the bride and maid of honour as they have their hair and make-up done for a wedding at Mitton Hall

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights8

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights9

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights10

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights11

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights12

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights13

A video still of A father of the bride gives his daughter an emotional bear hug with tears in his eyes as he sees her for the first time before she gets married at Mitton Hall

An ‘Unplugged’ Mitton Hall Wedding and Surprise Ring Bearer…

The guests were seated and their bags and cameras were ‘stowed’ (in keeping with the travel theme but they also wanted guests to enjoy the moment and not snap away so chose an Unplugged wedding) and it was soon time to make that long walk down the aisle.

I loved watching this back, they both looked fit to burst with excitement and nerves!

Tom had even planned an amazing surprise for Keri and had asked her Grandad to be the ring bearer, cue lots more tears, and then the poor registrar under all that pressure dropped Tom’s ring as Keri said her declarations…oops! Mr and Mrs Lincoln were then pronounced husband and wife and left the room to a raucous applause…

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights16

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights17

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights18

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights19

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights20

the bride wearing Stewart Parvin laughs along with the guests during the grooms personal vows about loving her more than Liverpool football club at their wedding ceremony at Mitton Hall

The bride Keri gets emotional as the grandad surprises her with the wedding rings during their wedding ceremony at Mitton Hall in Clitheroe. He's helped up to stand by his grandson and daughter

Keri the bride fights back the tears after a surprise during her wedding ceremony and it's caught on wedding video by love gets sweeter wedding videographer

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights24

Keri the bride smiles with tears in her eyes as she exchanges wedding rings on her wedding day at Mitton Hall

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights26

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights27

Puppy Love – Marvin The Jackapoo Becomes A Wedding Guest…

My poor husband didn’t take to the usher duties very well and Mick tried to sub him as they attempted to organise the group shots knowing only one side of the family well.

There was even time for a quick selfie before I walked their dog Marvin out to the gardens with them for their couples portraits.

a bride wearing stewart parvin lace and silk wedding dress holding lavender faux flowers poses with her bridesmaids wearing floor length navy blue coast dresses as Mick Cookson takes photos and love gets sweeter video outside Mitton Hall

the bride and groom are showered in natural purple and cream wedding confetti for the photo and video outside Mitton Hall near Clitheroe

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights30

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights31

a video still of Mick Cookson the wedding photographer posing and taking photos of a bride and groom in the gardens at mitton hall

A Mitton Hall Wedding Day Full Of Surprises (including a rap during the Groom’s speech)…

The reception room at Mitton Hall looked amazing (they had just finished the big renovation the day before) as the sun shone through the windows, just in time for their friend Andy to sing them both in to the room to Ho Hey.

Now, this had been a nightmare in the run up to the day as both Keri and Tom had asked Andy to sing that as a surprise to the other!

So to make it extra special Keri then got up and sang the song with Andy much to the delight of all the guests (she has an amazing voice, cue more tears).

The singing wasn’t just left to Keri though as during the speeches Tom dropped a little bit of the Fresh Prince Rap during his Groom’s speech!

The speeches were brilliant (and that says a lot coming from someone who hears them a lot) and even included a few props and some inappropriate jokes from the Father of the Bride!

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights33

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights34

A bride and groom react to a father of the bride speech at Mitton hall where he makes a joke about the bride's wind...

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights36

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights37

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights38

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights39

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights40

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights41

Ballroom Dancing and Wedding Flash Mobs…

The evening had even more surprises planned so I took on the role of wedding coordinator and tried to make sure all the suppliers were clued up on where to be!

First we had a waltz for the ballroom dancing parents, then a very sweet father and daughter dance and finally the first dance as Mr and Mrs Lincoln.

I’d played a part in mixing the track and couldn’t wait to see everyone’s reaction to the Bride and Groom’s very own surprise choreographed first dance!

It went down amazingly and soon we were all rushing on to the dancefloor to celebrate with them to Rudimental’s Feel The Love.

It wasn’t quite over yet though as the hen do ladies had a little flash mob up their sleeve and it’s safe to say that no-one was expecting that…

DiJay Ben did an amazing job of getting everyone nearby to experience that and also keep the dance floor rocking the rest of the night!

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights42

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights43

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights44

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights45

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights46

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights47

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights49

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights50

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights51

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights52

You can email Mick Cookson to see the full gallery of gorgeous photos from their amazing Mitton Hall wedding!

Wedding Ceremony and Reception Venue – Mitton Hall, Clitheroe (and a special mention to Dave, he was amazing at the day)
Wedding Photographer – Mick Cookson, Manchester
Wedding Make-up and Hair – Flossy and Leigh
Wedding hair pieces – Eleventh Heaven
Wedding Dress – Stewart Parvin at Aprodite Bridal
Wedding Dress alterations and lace jacket – Moira Browning
Wedding Cakes and Cake Table – La Boheme
Wedding Silk Flowers – Miss Bouquets, Liverpool
Wedding DJ – DiJay Ben, Preston

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