Whether it’s filming a little bit of ‘lockdown’ life, milestones, birthday celebrations or a family holiday/vacation, there are a few little tricks to help you make BETTER family home videos!

Filming Your Every Day and Creating Your Own Family Videos

Right now we are all seeing the importance of digital media. Of videos to watch, enjoy and share. Or family video calls and online quizzes with our friends on Zoom. Everything we are enjoying is in video form and so it inspired me to help you guys try and create a video of your own.

Also, sadly I’m unable to go out and film lots of lovely families and newborn babies so families aren’t able to make time to invest in having professional family videography and photography in their family home (it’s breaking my heart!)

But we’re all able to document our every day in some way, until you’re able to book someone anyway!

You don’t need a fancy camera, or even a fancy phone! You can film and edit your own family home videos using your own phone (I only have an old, cracked Samsung s7!). It’s more about getting creative and not just filming straight on what you see. Filming something that you’ll enjoy watching back and it’ll take you right back to that time in your lives.

Maybe it’ll help you think about positioning your camera somewhere so you can get in front of the camera too. Or different angles you could try with your phone camera so you have a few more fun things to edit in and tell the story of your day?

Filming bits of your ‘every day’ would be a fun way to remember this slightly bizarre scenario we find ourselves in and give you fun things to share with your family and friends who you’re not able to be with.

I thought we’d give a go at vlogging with Paisley being home. She normally LOVES the camera. This time she decided that being a copy cat and ever so slightly annoying was more fun and it certainly added to the challenge!

I very nearly didn’t even bother editing this as I wasn’t sure if it would be helpful but actually it reinforces the point about needing patience to film your every day life if you want to capture a few more natural shots yourself and get in front of the camera too.

Ideas To Help You Get Creative With Your Home Videos – A Vlog

Here’s a vlog showing you what you could do to help get more creative with filming bits at home and when out and about. I hope it helps that you can see what I’m trying to explain (whilst Paisley tries everything she can to distract me haha)

Tips On Creating Better Home Videos Of Family Life

With the ‘help’ of my 5 year old daughter Paisley I created a short video where I share a few tips and tricks to help bring your home videos back to life and help make them more enjoyable when you watch them back.

From thinking of a variety of storytelling shots to getting yourself in the frame by setting up the shot before hand, there’s a few ways to get creative making your own family video without the need for fancy apps and tricks!

Try to avoid comparison or even perfection and just have fun with it! Even if you never share it and keep it for yourself, I’m sure you’ll love watching it back to remind you of this time together.

As someone who films families a lot and takes great pride in her work I find it very different filming my own family. It’s rarely anything like my professional work and it takes a lot to remind myself that something is better than trying to make it perfect.

It’s a great way to capture family memories and special moments together and have something really wonderful to look back on together too.

Creating Little Films – The Perfect Personal Present

Whenever I’ve been a bit stuck for a present idea (or it’s been too late and I’ve not left enough time to order something thoughtful…ha) I’ve always found great success in creating a super simple video to show off some of our favourite memories.

Here’s an example of some clips I put together from a couple of years worth of bits I’d saved and never used! Little clips of family video from cuddles to little every day moments together. All packaged up as a ‘For Daddy’ Father’s Day video just for Daddy 🙂

I have a few other family vlogs to help, including one that will help you edit together any of the clips you film after watching this too!

And do share them with me when you’ve done, I LOVE seeing what other families get up to and manage to capture! If you’d love these tips then share with your friends and family too. Love Charlene, and Paisley

P.S If you do get to film lots of wonderful clips and the idea of editing them together feels far too overwhelming then editing is my speciality (and passion) and I’d love to offer my services so if you’d like to find out more, get in touch!