Father’s Day is a wonderful time (excuse) to celebrate the awesome Daddies and I love to do something personal for Lee (when I can fit it in between weddings!).

Whether it’s a handmade card (and this year Paisley has actually helped do it, no faking a scribble signature haha) or a little crafty thing we’ve made together. Even a homemade bake, Paisley LOVES baking.

daddy on the beach with daughter

Every year I put a bit of pressure on myself to do a little film to celebrate. Usually it’s a family film of some kind but this year it’s all about Daddy.

Using footage we’ve captured since the day she was born. So that’s 2 years of stuff I’ve gone through and edited together (what was I thinking…).

Here’s a sneak peek!

I LOVE doing family films, whether it’s handheld phone stuff we’ve captured edited together or something more slick and professional.

For us, for friends or even for my lovely newlyweds who go on to start a family. Every family is so different and it’s a pleasure to hang out for the day and then create a film to help them relive that moment in time over and over.

It did get me thinking. For all of those of you with footage stuck on your phone or your cloud, what about getting someone to professionally edit you a little something?

Wouldn’t that be a great way to use all those films you only watch in little bursts? Get in touch if you love the sound of that and fancy having something special that can really help you relive the years that go far too fast…