Family Life At A Distance – Lockdown Family Photography

Are you getting used to family life now? In and out of lockdowns, homeschooling, daily exercise and possibly the most time you’ve ever spent together as a family?

Is it starting to feel like the ‘normal’ for you and your little ones?

As a family photographer based in Burscough (sunny Lancashire) it became our normal to capture our family life at home. To capture a bit of our every day in photographs and in video to document a little bit of family history during this Covid pandemic.

In this post I’d like to share with you a simple idea that can help you also capture a little bit of lockdown life too. In a safe, socially distanced way (something I never thought would need to be a selling point with family photography).

Keep reading to find out more….


Imagine if you could capture a little bit of your family life right now to look back on with your children and chat about what life was like in 2020?

“The best thing has definitely been no longer being rushed to get anywhere.

No more shouting to get ready for school and rushing to get out and on time for things.


Hopefully I can slow down once normality resumes and not feel quite so stressed doing the school run and things.

It’s been nice just going at our own pace.”

Family Life In Lockdown – Family Photoshoot

There will be times when it gets too much. When the juggle and pressure of everything can feel overwhelming.

Inbetween those moments there will be the everyday things that happen that you’ll long for when busy work days and communtes come back.

Having a family ‘lockdown’ photoshoot to document your own bit of family history during this Covid pandemic may be the perfect way to reflect on how you all got through this together…

natural family photo in their garden
little girl plays with vintage dolls house
mum and dad get hug during outdoor family photoshoot

A Relaxed Family Photoshoot

Imagine if having a lockdown family shoot actually felt pretty relaxed? It doesn’t need to add to the stresses of the day or add pressure to a busy schedule. Hiring a professional documentary family photographer is all about having someone there to capture what happens, not to direct or pose or complicate your family life. Someone

who could capture a few natural, candid moments of you all together outside your home where you feel totally safe and at ease.

It would feel quick, easy and even enjoyable as you all take a bit of time out to be together without the other distractions and pressures.

We all have the same worries as parents when it comes to having professional photos taken, don’t we?

“My biggest worry was that the children wouldn’t socially distance – which Pippa struggled with. But you made me feel totally at ease.

I was also worried the kids wouldn’t want to do anything and want to just go inside and play but you captured great shots both inside and outside so it worked quite well”

relaxed family photo in garden in lancashire
toddler waters plants in family garden in Burscough

An Insight Into Family Life – Photography and Videography

These family lockdown sessions are a little bit different to what you may’ve seen going viral on your social media with the ‘doorstep’ photoshoots.

Firstly, I’m a documentary family photographer aiming for candid family moments. I simply hang out with you and observe with camera in hand. You won’t even feel like you’re having a photoshoot.

It’s about you, your personalities and your connections.

The special part is that it’s not just about photography. What you’ll love the most about this candid family session is that you’ll get your very own mini family film too…


An Alternative Family Doorstep Shoot

In just an hour I’ll capture both photos and video for you. Documenting a little look in to your more relaxed (or maybe more chaotic) family life at home.

You may even have your own ideas that would be perfect to capture and remember! Maybe it’s a lockdown birthday and you want to add something special to the celebrations to remember a fun and unusual birthday?

Maybe you’re pregnant and still want to capture a little bit of life before a newborn?

Or maybe you have a new arrival who arrived in the middle of lockdown?

There are plenty of wonderful milestones and memories to capture for yourself during lockdown but booking a socially distanced family shoot with me means you can relax and actually be in the photos and video too!

Be it their love for dressing up. Their favourite toys or ‘things’. Or even hearing their favourite words, phrases or that cute giggle they’ve developed.

Having your own family video takes the family memories to a whole new level and with no extra pressure from you.

The perfect way to remember right now…


little girl with a cheeky grin during family lockdown session

What’s Involved In A ‘Family Life At A Distance’ Photography and Films Shoot?

– Your choice of session length (the most popular ‘taster’ has been 1 hour).
-Your own gallery of family photos and film to view before making any decision on what to keep!
– Option to buy any additional photos digitally and as professional prints as well as beautiful, professional photo products to create your own family heirlooms.
– Socially distanced and safe with 1 camera and me hiding behind bushes (only sort of kidding ha).
If you’d like to find out more please get in touch to arrange a proper chat and/or see my family photography and videographer brochure.

Family Photographer and Videographer based in Burscough.

Available locally in Burscough and within 15 minutes of L40 7RE.
This covers Lancashire towns including Lathom, Ormskirk, Parbold, Newburgh, Aughton and more! Please ask if you’re keen for me to travel a little further (as weirdly the restrictions allow me to as it’s work!).
Contact me at charlene@lovegetssweeter.co.uk, over at Instagram or heading over to the contact form HERE.

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