I came across this today on Rock n Roll Bride after seeing it posted on Twitter.

I felt compelled to share this on my Blog so that you too can read this cautionary tale from someone willing to share their experience. I always worry that I sound like I’m using a sales tactic when I say ‘I always hear so many people regret not having a wedding film done professionally’ or ‘it’s a lot to put on someone, a friend or family member, when you ask them to capture your wedding on film or video’ but I honestly wouldn’t say that if I didn’t believe it was true!

Same goes for photos because both your wedding video and photos will be there to remind you of your AMAZING wedding day for years to come. Not only you but the children you’re yet to have or family who weren’t able to attend, it’s a way they can be there if it’s captured by a pro.

I hear it too often the people regret not having a professional or having spent a little more AFTER the day. I have even filmed weddings myself where they have been unsure about whether it was money well spent beforehand, but so many friends said they’d regret not having one that they had to book a wedding videographer.

the day they are so pleased with the wedding video that they can’t thank their friends enough for their wise words-just read some of my testimonials for proof! I think this story goes for anything that is capturing the memories of such a special day, whether that’s photo or video!

Anyway, that’s enough from me. You can read it for yourself…

Should I Book a Professional Wedding Photographer