Believe it or not, some people won’t film their friends weddings.

Me, I LOVE it. I can’t help myself! I love to film weddings!

the bride and groom have a kiss standing on a canal boat outside Burscough wharf as the sun peeks through the trees for their wedding video

I get to be in all the action with my wedding camera, blend in even more so than normal, capture really natural moments because they forget I came with said camera and get to chat to my friends as I work.

I guess it helps that I love being a wedding videographer and love the fact that they want me to film their wedding for them!

Well, this is the beautiful wedding video of our good friends Amy and Ash…

Amy and Ash – A Wedding Video in Burscough, Lancashire

A Wedding Morning in Burscough

For Amy and Ash’s day the excitement was brewing as soon as they booked me to be their wedding videographer!

We got to chat weddings every time we caught up (as their daughter Eva is the same age as our daughter Paisley we had a lot of play dates during that time!).

Their day started in sunny Burscough for the boys and over at Amy’s parents house in Holmeswood (near Rufford, Lancashire) for the girls.

Lots of chilling in the garden with bacon butties for Ash and fizz and make-up for the Amy and the girls (I do love the contrast seeing both sides of the wedding morning on video)!

On hand for hair and make-up were the super talented Lynn Isherwood hair from Burscough and Olivier Disley.

It was soon time for everyone to get their wedding gear on!

The boys made their way over to St John’s Church in Burscough as the girls were getting in to pale lilac (maybe mauve?) bridesmaids dresses ready for the wedding car to arrive…

a wedding video still of a brides lace wedding dress hanging on a wardrobe in a far room like a sneak peek in her family home in Holmeswood Lancashire

the wedding videographer looks on from the hall as the bride had her wedding make-up done by her professional make up artist Olivia Disley in the lounge of her mum and dads house in Holmeswood lancashire

a video still of a young flower girl wearing a white flower crown added to her curled hair by the hair dresser for her Mum's wedding in Burscough

the parents of the grooms cocker poo dog enjoys the sun in the garden before the wedding in Burscough Lancashire

a bride gives her flowergirl daughter a loving squeeze once she's gotten her dressed in to her pretty white and lilac flower girl dress as they get ready for her wedding in Burscough Lancashire

A video still from the wedding video. in the mirror you can see the bride getting in to her wedding dress and on the wall are some old vintage photographs of her as a young girl in her parents home in lancashire

the mother of the bride fastens a pearl neckalace she wore on her own wedding day years ago around her daughters neck for her something old as she gets ready to marry her husband at St Johns Church in Burscough

a flower girl wearing white and lilac with flowers in her hair gives her Mum in her wedding dress a big cuddle as the bridesmaids smile standing in her parents garden in Holmeswood whilst the sun shines during their summer wedding in Lancashire

A Burscough Wedding Ceremony and A Slightly Late Bride…

It was so cute to see Amy get Eva dressed, she even tried on her Mum’s wedding shoes before asking to put her own on.

As soon as everyone else was ready it was time for Amy’s Mum to help Amy in to her wedding dress (you can sense the nervous anticipation in the video, can’t you??).

Amy was running a little late so poor Ash had to pretend not to be nervous at the front of the church with all the guests looking back at him.

But, it was worth the wait as she looked incredible stepping out the car to the awaiting crowd outside St John’s Church in Burscough (I love local weddings for this, all the locals come out to watch the Bride arrive and wave her off!).

The groom waits by the alter in St Johns church in burscough looking nervous with his best man and dad

A video still of the bride and her bridal party wearing white and lilac (pale purple) walking down the stone path to make their way in to st johns church in Burscough for the wedding ceremony the bridesmaids are wearing full length lilac purple dresses and holding cream flowers for this summer wedding

Amy glided down the aisle with her bridesmaids and they both greeted each other with a huge grin (Amy even said ‘you okay?’) before their Priest David started the wedding ceremony.

Wedding vows were made, rings were exchanged and as they signed the register guests were treated to a fun slideshow video of some of their favourite moments of their lives so far (happy to say Paisley and I featured licking cake mix off spoons with Eva and Amy haha).

They had so many fun photos to share they even got to sit and enjoy the very end of it!

They were soon making their way down the aisle and out in to the Lancashire sunshine as husband and wife.

David the priest at St Johns church makes a ring sign with his fingers to show the groom how to push the wedding ring on captured by their wedding videographer Love Gets Sweeter

the bride and groom face their wedding guests and wedding videographer as they cheer and clap them being announced as the new Mr and Mrs Disley at St Johns in Burscough lancashire

Wedding Photos, Confetti and Some Cute Couples Video…

Laura Wade (of Laura Wade Photography fame, she’s amazing if you’re looking for a local wedding photographer too) took over and began organising the group shots outside the big green doors at St John’s Church.

It may’ve been sunny but that wind still liked to blow Amy’s veil in to unsuspecting faces.

I LOVED her sisters reaction every time haha. Great for adding to their wedding video!

She ticked them all off the list before getting guests in line for the epic confetti walk to the car.

laura wade the wedding photographer ducks down to get a large group shot outside st johns church green doors as guests take photos on their smart phones

the bridal party pose with the bride and groom in lilac and navy colour scheme holding cream and white bridesmaid bouquets

a video still as the brides veil gets blown in front of the grooms face during their wedding photos outside st johns church in burscough

Laura and I then dashed off to meet the newlyweds on the country lanes on the back roads from Burscough to get some relaxed couples shots by the green fields before they returned to their guests.

a flower girl walks and laughs in front of the bride and groom as they walk towards the wedding photogapher and videographer for their confetti photo using natural petal confetti from Dollz confett

the bride laughs and ducks down as guests shower them in natural flower confetti from Dollz confetti outside St John's church in burscough

a bride and groom kiss on a country back lane between Burscough and Lathom in Lancashire. Her veil blows in the gentle breeze for the wedding photographer and videographer

A Blue Mallard Wedding Reception

Everyone was waiting out in the courtyard at Burscough Wharf to cheer them in as they arrived.

The weather was so glorious everyone stayed outside to enjoy the canapes before being called in to be seated for the wedding breakfast taking place at The Blue Mallard.

The food was incredible (as always) and as everyone was getting a bit stuffed they swiftly moved the wedding speeches!

Not forgetting the Mr and Mrs quiz too which they started after the mains to give everyone a breather.

Dad, Ash and the Best Man did well on keeping their speeches personal with the perfect blend of heartfelt and fun.

Even Ash had to fight back the tears at one point, which then had everyone else fighting back the tears (especially when his son Harley tried to comfort him!).

the flower girl makes her nan laugh as she tries to stick a spoon to her nose during the wedding reception at The Blue Mallard in Burscough Wharf

the bride points accusingly at the groom after their mr and mrs quiz at the Blue Mallard in burscough

the bride tries not to cry during her dads father of bride speech at the blue mallard. They're sat in front of a white tulle backdrop with fairy lights and have purple and cream flowers for their colour scheme

a wedding video still of the father of the bride making his wife laugh during his speech at the Blue Mallard in Burscough lancashire

the grooms young son Harley leans in to his dad to give him a hug as he gets emotional during his speech for the wedding video at The Blue Mallard

the bride laughs as she wipes away her tears during the grooms speech at the blue mallard in Burscough Wharf

the best man makes his speeches during the wedding reception at the blue mallard in Burscough with a white and lilac purple colour scheme

the page boy makes his own impromptu speech during the wedding breakfast at the blue mallard in Burscough

A Summer Wedding In Burscough

Once everyone had enjoyed their dessert is was back outside to enjoy the May summer weather (and the football, but we don’t talk about that).

As the light was SO beautiful it would be rude not to do something with it so Laura and I gently persuaded them (it didn’t take much) to take a stroll down the canal and enjoy some couple time.

The best bit of this was having the lovely canal boat owners let us all climb on board to get some shots of them on the canal with the sun setting behind them!

the groom smiles at his laughing bride as they pose for the wedding video and photos outside the blue mallard alongside the leeds liverpool canal in Burscough

the bride and groom stand on the tow path by the canal under a shady tree with the canal bridge in the background

the bride and groom have a kiss standing on a canal boat outside Burscough wharf as the sun peeks through the trees for their wedding videographer Love Gets Sweeter

the bride laughs at the wedding videographer as they finish posing on the canal boat by burscough wharf during their wedding reception at The Blue Mallard

a couple of ladies out walking their dog watch along the leeds liverpool canal as the bride and groom enjoy a few couple portraits on a canal boat near burscough wharf after their wedding breakfast at The Blue Mallard

A video still from Lover Gets Sweeter wedding videography of the bride and groom walking back towards the Blue mallard down the tow path of the canal as the sun begins to set behind the trees in Burscough Lancashire

Their first dance was to Ed Sheeran and little Eva Dis decided the song was too good to let Mummy and Daddy dance on their own so joined them on the dancefloor at one point.

the flower girl smiles up at her mum and dad as the enjoy their first dance as husband and wife at the blue mallard in burscough

the groom gives his bride a kiss on the neck during a romantic first dance to ed sheeran at the blue mallard in lancashire for their wedding video by love gets sweeter

The DJ from Dancefloor Couture soon mixed their first dance in to something a little faster and guests joined them on the floor to show off some of their best moves.

It was soon time for me to pack the video camera away and show off some moves of my own, thankfully no-one managed to catch those on camera…

Wedding Ceremony – St John the Baptist Church, Burscough
Wedding Reception – The Blue Mallard, Burscough Wharf
Wedding Photographer – Laura at Willow and Wilde Photography
Wedding Hair – Isherwood Hair, Burscough
Wedding Make-Up – Olivia Disley By Olivia, Burscough

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