This bride, Clare, taught my husband and I our very own first dance to that favourite song of ours…Love Gets Sweeter (you can see bits of it at the end of our feature film). It made my day when she got in touch to tell me she was getting married herself over in Walton then on to Thornton Hall Hotel in the Wirral and would love to get it filmed.

She just needed to persuade Chris (her husband to be) that it was a good idea…

Clare and Chriss highlights21

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The time flew by and I got to hear all about the amazing plans via email and facebook and before I knew it I was at her Mum’s house filming her get ready. I do love a Liverpool wedding, they’re always really fun and the mornings are always filled with that buzz of excitement. This time I got to share that excitement with Hannah Dornford-May who was photographing the day and soon we were working together to capture some great moments-including Clare’s Dad re writing his speech so he could actually read it! The guys had some fun too and my assistant and Chris had some little sketches up their sleeve when they left to get to the church…

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Neighbours were out in force and the street was full of well wishes as we arrived at St Francis De Sales church in Walton. Everyone was ushered inside before the wind had chance to blow Clare’s veil away and then she made the long walk down the aisle towards her handsome groom…

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The wedding reception was over at Thornton Hall Hotel and Spa in the Wirral so guests hopped in their cars and dashed off as they tried to beat the bride and groom there. The sun was still shining, as was the wind still blowing, so it was only right to get some group shots in the gardens before we headed inside for the wedding breakfast and speeches…

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But then the moment came that I was dying to see, their first dance! After a little bit of persuading Clare let me in to their secret about their surprise first dance and I’m glad she did as I was able to get in to a spot where I could see both them and their guests reacting to the amazing surprise. It went down a storm and the looks on their faces as they broke in to a cha cha cha was brilliant-nearly as brilliant as Chris’s face when it was all over!

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Church Ceremony – St Francis De Sales, Walton
Wedding Reception – Thornton Hall Hotel and Spa, Wirral
Wedding Photographer – Hannah Dornford-May, Cheshire
First Dance – Dance Passion, Liverpool