It’s important to remember the Groom when planning your big day. I guess I was lucky (or unlucky in some Bride’s eyes) that I had a Groom that wanted to help plan the wedding. Not just nod approval at the colour scheme, actually pick the colour scheme-yes, he did choose the Bridesmaid dress colours-and he did a great job too! Some Grooms don’t want to be involved and the Bride’s relish the opportunity to make their wedding day perfect for the both of them and then there are the ones in-between. If you’re struggling to get him motivated then I have the perfect thing, I really do!

Groom in wedding car

During the speeches the Groom, Steve, gave away that it was really the Bride, Lisa, that did everything and he just occasionally had his input. Like the table names for example, named after his favourite sports cars. When we met them just before the wedding to go over their plans I instantly got his love for cars-my Husband is the same-and we started bouncing ideas around about how to get his new beloved Audi in to the wedding film. I knew my assistant cameraman, Scott, would get what I had in mind so I left him with the brief and then got on with filming the rest of the wedding day. Throughout the day Steve kept telling me how much fun he’d had filming in the morning and he couldn’t wait to see the film!

Last week, after editing their wedding Highlights and Feature films, I locked myself away to edit Steve’s very own film. Something that really showed off his love for his car and the excitement he had of being able to capture that on his wedding day. After all that hard work, this is what Steve now has to treasure…

An extra like this is the perfect way to keep the Groom happy!

Wow!! What can I say, the videos absolutely awesome, really, really love it, attention to details amazing, it’s like top gear meets James bond, certainly unique… lol!! Was a great fun part of the day, captured perfectly, thanks so much, again!

We’ll certainly be recommending yourselves wherever we get chance in the future.

Steve :0)

You can see their other wedding films by following this link. As well as this cool Grooms film they had a Highlights, Feature Film and Speeches to make their wedding DVD really personal.

Wedding Venue – The Mere Resort (Mere Golf and Country Club), Cheshire.