They say the best things come in small packages and this is exactly what I created with Sarah and Jay so they could have a totally bespoke wedding videography and photography package for their family focused wedding in Liverpool.

I’ve been a professional wedding videographer for over 11 years now. A few years ago I began to document family life with video AND photography, and it was seeing this documentary style of family work that got me and Sarah chatting about trying the ‘hybrid’ approach for her informal wedding.

A NEW Wedding Photography and Video Offer…?

Wedding photography and videography isn’t something I’ve offered before but after capturing this relaxed wedding it is something I may consider in the future (if my nerves and skill can take it!).

Maybe I’ll stick to documenting smaller, ‘micro’ weddings. Shorter coverage of the main bits in both photo and video can work so well. Maybe it’s something that could be done well for bigger weddings.

Shall I find out..?

So, take a look at my first official taster of wedding photography and videography with an intimate ceremony at Our Lady Star of the Sea in Seaforth followed by a marquee reception in their garden at home near Liverpool.

This wedding blog is all about their relaxed and fun wedding in Liverpool with me as their wedding photographer AND videographer…


Micro Wedding Photography and Video in Liverpool

Liverpool Wedding Videography – Sarah and Jay

A Relaxed and Fun Wedding in Crosby and Seaforth

Sarah was treated to the full bridal experience thanks to her Mum and sister.

Her parents home in Crosby was transformed in to the perfect Bridal prep setting! With a room set up just for her wedding dress and a wonderful breakfast buffet to ensure everyone kept their energy up!

Yet it was all still relaxed, informal and fun with everyone getting ready and enjoying the excitement together.

The little touches really helped make Sarah feel special on her wedding morning and it was a pleasure to capture it all as her chosen wedding photographer and videographer!

wedding photo of wedding make up with flower girl
candid photo of bridesmaid wiping away tear at wedding
fun natural photograph of bride getting hair done in Crosby
bride with bridesmaids chatting about hair flowers
bride smiles at her sister on wedding morning in Crosby
natural documentary photo of dad with flowergirl and bride
flower girl reaches for her cardigan to get ready
bride gets lipstick touched up on wedding morning
bridesmaid closes her eyes during busy wedding prep
black and white photo of bride and sister reach for the wedding dress
natural photo of bride with sister getting ready
natural photo of bride getting help to get ready near Liverpool
bride gets help with neckalace
bride holds back tears getting wedding gift
relaxed unposed photo of bride with her bridesmaid sister in Crosby
mum and dad see daughter in her wedding dress

A Small Wedding Ceremony and Quick Stop…

With the restrictions at the time Sarah and Jay enjoyed a small wedding ceremony with less than 30 guests at Our Lady Star of the Sea in Seaforth.

Everyone was ready to head to the church but Sarah had one very important stop to make on the way. 

To let Grandad see her in her wedding dress and give him his very own button hole to wear for the occasion!

As a wedding videographer it is always an honour to be asked to capture these personal, family moments that could easily be missed if I headed straight to the church.

bridesmaid smiles at flowergirl outside home in crosby
documentary photo of bridal party leaving Crosby for wedding ceremony
bride waits to leave her house in Crosby to get married
candid creative photo of bride leaving home to get married
bride waves in the back of her wedding car
bride puts button hole on grandad who can't make the wedding
bride visits and chats to grandad on way to church

Natural Documentary Wedding Photography and Video for Small Weddings

Sarah had already told me Jay was super nervous but he must’ve forgot all about the nerves as soon as he saw Sarah walk down the aisle.

As a social documentary photographer I love documenting all the little moments during the church ceremony, as you can see here.

As a Bride it brings those memories right back when they’re the natural moments that are captured like this…

bride nervously waits to walk down the aisle in Seaforth
bridesmaid looks back to bride with a grin walking down aisle
bride walks down aisle with dad in seaforth
black and white candid photo of dad kissing bride in church
natural photo of bride smiling during wedding ceremony
bride reaches out to hold friends hand during wedding ceremony
flower girl daughter reaches up to be held during ceremony
natural black and white photograph of couple kissing during ceremony
bride laughs as daughter wants to be cuddled during ceremony
flower girl looks tiny as she looks up at guests during wedding
priest in covid visor shows flower girl where to go during ceremony
couple walk down the aisle just married
natural photo of happy couple married in church near Liverpool

Newlyweds, Confetti and An Informal Marqee Reception at Home

Officially walking out of church as husband and wife seems to help relax even the most nervous of people.

Smiles, hugs, cheers and confetti celebrate the newlyweds.

The surprise confetti canon was maybe a little too much for Izzy the flowergirl but it made for some fun and honest moments to capture!

As the guests headed over to their family home for an informal marquee reception in their garden I snuck off with the couple to Adelaide Gardens on the Crosby coast.

They wanted to capture a few natural couple portaits that weren’t forced or too posed before meeting their guests at their wedding reception.

black and white bride and groom unposed portrait liverpool
fun confetti wedding photo outside liverpool church
bride and groom with daughter for wedding photographs in liverpool
informal and relaxed wedding group shot outside church
flower girl collects confetti and caught in veil
natural moment of mum and bride laughing outside church
bride laughs with groom inside wedding car in liverpool
unposed wedding portraits in adelaide gardens crosby
couple laugh for wedding photographer in Adelaide gardens Crosby

Honest and Natural Wedding Photography and Videography

My approach for weddings and family shoots has always been the ‘real’ moments. The honest emotions, connections between people and the real moments.

I could easily share only the typically happy ones and edit out anything that would make the day look anything other than perfect.

But where’s the fun in that?

And wouldn’t it be better to relive how your wedding day REALLY was?

Like how your daughter decided to be a Daddy’s girl that day and eat the radio mic recording your vows.

Or how she got very upset by the surprise confetti canon’s outside the church (possibly my favourite confetti wedding photo right there haha).

Embracing A Natural and Relaxed Style Of Photography and Video

Thank you Sarah and Jay for having me along to capture your wedding day in Crosby, Merseyside.

You totally embraced my more natural and relaxed style and I hope you enjoy reliving your wedding memories all over again with your wedding photographs and video!

It’s been an absolute pleasure from the moment we first chatted 🙂

Charlene x

Wedding Photography and Videography in Liverpool

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