On a gloriously sunny day I had the pleasure of being the videographer at Jennifer and Nazar’s very colourful and cultural wedding over in Churchtown.

It was then on to The Bold Hotel on the famous Lord Street in Southport (famous for it’s grade listed Victorian arcade and boulevard).

the wedding videographer captures the bride and groom having a quick kiss in their wedding car before enjoying a photo shoot in the botanic gardens in southport

It’s surprisingly rare I get to do a local wedding so when Jennifer contacted me to chat about her wedding in Southport it was wonderful to already know the locations she was excited to talk about!

a shot of southport marina and bridge through wavy long grass on a summers day

As it was a blessing at the church and the couple were worried about being too nervous in the morning they decided to start the day with everyone arriving at Marshside Road Methodist Church near Churchtown in Southport.

The sun was shining down on everyone as they made their way in to the church before the Bride arrived.

We heard lots of whispers about undecided bridal outfits so it was a huge surprise to everyone when Jennifer stepped out of her wedding car in her traditional Bangladeshi wedding saree in a vibrant red with gold detailing. Nazar also wore a traditional Groom’s wedding attire too!

guests stand outside marshside road methodist church in the bright sunsine waiting for the bride to arrive for the wedding

a large brass band play inside marshside methodist church in southport

a bride steps out of her traditional silver wedding car outside church for the video wearing a bright red and gold bangladeshi wedding saree dress

a bride and groom smile at each other as they sing hymns inside church caught on their wedding video in Southport

The couple had their rings blessed in front of family and friends before the brass band played them out as official Husband and Wife.

a bride and groom have their wedding rings bound and blessed by the priest at marshside mehtodist church in churchtown during their wedding ceremony

Alex Formela was on hand as their official wedding photographer to usher everyone in to place for their group photos before we made our way (when I say made our way I mean job over to try and beat the car on one of the hottest days of the year so far…that was fun haha) over to the Botanic Gardens for some gorgeous couple photographs of the happy couple.

a close up of the brides bangladeshi dress with gold details and her heart shaped brown henna on her hand as she holds her sister and bridesmaids hands outside church

the wedding videographer captures the bride and groom having a quick kiss in their wedding car before enjoying a photo shoot in the botanic gardens in southport

the bride and groom share a kiss in the dappled sunlight at southports botanic gardens. she wears a bangladeshi wedding saree in bright red and holds a simple white bridal bouquet

the bangladeshi wedding saree in red looks vibrant in the bright sunshine for the wedding video. The bride and groom are holding hands

the bride and groom laugh with the wedding photographer and videographer as they enjoy photos in the Botanic gardens after their wedding in southport

This was the fun bit as random strangers wished them well and looked on as they wandered through all the beautiful dappled sunlight and across the Victorian park bridges.

We even managed to blag our way in to the Fernery which was even warmer than outside!

The car was soon whisking them away to meet their guests at new newly refurbished The Bold Hotel on Lord Street.

Their reception room looked wonderfully grand with the touched of gold throughout.

As they were announced in to the room as husband and wife guests were then invited to enjoy the Indian buffet instead of the traditional wedding breakfast which went down well.

Speeches soon began and the Father of the Bride stood up with shaking hands to deliver a lovely speech about the happy couple before it was Nazar’s turn, followed by Jennifer’s sister.

a close up in the wedding video of the father of the brides shaking hands holding his wedding speech at a wedding in The Bold Hotel in southport

a still from the wedding video of a groom making his wedding speech to the top table at his bold hotel wedding

the maid of honour makes her sister laugh out loud during her wedding speech on the video

The evening had a few surprises for the guests. As Jennifer studied cultural dancing I think a few people had hopes for something exciting and she didn’t disappoint.

Firstly with their beautiful father and daughter dance to Anastasia followed by a choreographed dance for the newlyweds.

If that wasn’t enough Jennifer then had two talented belly dancers join her on the dance floor to show off some incredible moves. The Groom was suitably impressed and ended the evening with a supportive hug as all their guests cheered…

a brides dad smiles as the begin their father daughter dance at the bold hotel

the bride twirls the groom round during their first dance at the bold hotel in southport

a bride and groom in traditional bangladeshi wedding saree and dress enjoy a kiss and cuddle during their first dance at their southport wedding

a bride in a traditional red bangladeshi wedding saree dances inbetween 2 belly dancer friends to entertain their wedding guests at the bold hotel

How incredible did their day look? I love it when cultural influences are incorporated in to the day too, it really makes it super personal to the couple.

Are you planning something really vibrant and cultural for your wedding? I’d love to hear more about it (contact me here!)

Wedding Ceremony – Marshside Road Methodist Church, Churchtown.
Wedding Reception – The Bold Hotel, Southport
Wedding Photography – Alex Formella