I sit here feeling the sort of feelings and emotions you deal with when in shock.

Yet another blow has hit the wedding industry today after the restrictions on wedding guests numbers come down from 30 to 15 and could be in place for up to 6 months.

However, being a person who wants to find something positive in everything I felt the sudden urge to write a post about what weddings COULD look like after (or even in) our current Covid Lockdown.

I feel weddings as we know them won’t be able to take place for a while and that planning for the ‘big’ wedding will only lead to more uncertainty and worry going in to 2021 and more coronavirus restrictions still in place.

The Start Of Something Small…

As a Bride of what was considered a ‘small’ or even ‘micro’ wedding back in 2009 I feel the popularity of smaller, more intimate weddings will only grow in popularity as we adapt to these harsh restrictions on the wedding industry.

For all the couples who have already postponed (some for the 2nd or 3rd time) it may be that it’s time to think how your wedding could look in 2021 and 2022.¬†

Is it worth having a Plan B and even Plan C?

Maybe it’s worth considering what options could be available should covid restrictions still mean the bigger weddings can’t take place…?

I know I’m one for burrying my head in the sand but for once, I want us all to be super proactive about this knock to the wedding world we know!

A small wedding could be the answer to all your wedding worries right now and I’ll show you why…

a video reflection in the barn door at Wyresdale Park

Just The Two Of You

Elopements and smaller civil ceremonies have grown in popularity over the years. 

Couples deciding they want to avoid the family politics or merely to enjoy getting married alone and sharing those intimate moments with family and friends after the wedding day.

Just because it’s only the two of you doesn’t mean you have to forget hiring all those professional wedding suppliers who you fell in love with before the pandemic.

If anything, they can still play an important role in making your wedding day memorable and help you create memories you can share for many years to come.

From the stunning bouquet you could leave to dry and show off proudly in your home to the professional photographs and video to help not only share those wedding moments but relive them over and over again.

I know Tiree proudly boasts of being a professional gooseberry for her elopements and micro weddings (see her video explaining that here). As experienced suppliers and being passionate about seeing weddings still going ahead we are all for being the friendly and talented gooseberry for your intimate wedding!


a bride and groom walk around the gardens at Moddershall Oaks holding a white umbrella

A ‘Micro’ Wedding With Family and Friends…

Would you believe the likes of Glamour magazine call 20-50 guests a ‘micro’ wedding?

In 2009 we had 44 guests at our wedding and it felt big to us.

I think (not so) secretly I could easily reduce that number of guests down to below 30. Though admittedly 15 may be a push with Lee having a bigger family and wanting to have it documented (as currently suppliers like wedding photographers and videographers are counted in the numbers).

If you are really wanting to get married soon and feel so deflated about pushing the date back yet again then there are ways to still have all those people enjoying it with you but in a more unique way.

Live Streaming and Live Zoom Wedding Ceremonies

Now streaming a wedding ceremony is quite a new thing and it’s been quite the fun advancement on recent family celebrations.

It’s become much more than a guest holding up a phone for a ‘face-time’ and relying on a dodgy connection!

You could keep guests and wedding suppliers under the restrictions but open up the invite online for everyone to join in the fun virtually.

I’d always highly recommend a professional for this to ensure they have the capacity to not only stream your wedding ceremony without technical issues but also have someone to take that pressure off a guest and let them enjoy the ceremony without checking to see if it’s still live!

I know the talented Adam Johnson does this very well in full 4K with multiple camera angles, it’s an incredible skill and a great way to involve even more guests on your special day.


zoom ceremony on mobile phone at home for guests
family smile at phone on a shelf for zoom ceremony

The After Party – Showing Off Your Wedding After The Big Day

At this rate we have more chance of having a party at home or the local pub than a big wedding reception so the option of having a wedding ‘after party’ could be an amazing way to celebrate with extended family and old friends after your micro wedding.

With the help of your talented wedding videographer and photographer you could have your day documented and created in to a film and slideshow of wedding photographs to share on the big screen.

I encourage all my couples to enjoy a family screening of their wedding anyway but this is the perfect reason to share all those wedding emotions and feelings all over again.

It’s like wedding day part 1. Maybe you could even put your dress back on…?

a wedding video still outside St Johns Church as they walk through confetti

Shorter Coverage – A Shorter Wedding Day

Or if Covid has caused your finances to take a hit too then what about considering a ‘shorter’ wedding day?

Maybe a simple elopement or micro wedding at your local registry office or favourite venue?

Or holding a personal ceremony locally with an independent or humanist celebrant conducting the service?

Documenting the importance of you getting married doesn’t need to be a full day if restrictions are getting in the way of those plans.

Lots of wedding suppliers, myself included, would love to document your love story whether it’s 2 hours or 12 hours!

You could simply document the wedding ceremony itself with a little bit of confetti celebration outside.

Or maybe go on to enjoy a pamper with some hair and make-up before the ceremony, an elegant car ride to the venue and then some relaxed couple portraits and moments captured as newly-weds.

It’s starting to make the sound of a smaller wedding sound nice, isn’t it?


a still from the wedding video of the bride and groom laughing during their couple portraits in the grounds of peckforton castle

What Will Your Wedding Look Like Now…?

Has this wedding blog inspired you to think differently? Maybe even more positively despite it all?

I know writing it has already lifted the doom and gloom after the new announcement regarding wedding guest restrictions!

So whether you decide to hold out and hope for some better news in 2021 or decide to adapt and come up with a new kinda wedding plan, just know your wedding suppliers would still LOVE to be a part of it too!

I for one cannot wait to capture more happily married faces, emotional moments and happy tears. To feel the excitement of documenting an incredible moment in your family history and to help you remember the very best moments from your wedding day.

Oooh I feel giddy just at the thought!

If you’d like to enquire about shorter coverage, your very own ‘micro wedding’ ideas (I hate that word by the way…a wedding is a wedding ha) or want to see if I’m available to capture your wedding day then do use the form below.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I hope you enjoyed it!


Charlene xx