Maria and Tommy may look familiar. It could be that you’ve seen them perform somewhere (Maria starred as the lead in The Wedding Singer at her local theatre!!!!) or you may recognise them from one of my previous wedding videos…or maybe they’ve kindly shared this and you actually know them. Lucky you!

This time they have a very special little person starring alongside them in his very own movie. His name is Archie and this family video is all about his Christening day (and he’s ADORABLE don’t you think?).

A family photograph of mum smiling at her husband during a christening as she holds her baby in Burtonwood

Archie’s Very Own Christening Video

Maria and Tommy contacted me after spotting me share another family Christening video on my Instagram and Facebook page.

They’d already had me film a big milestone in their life, their wedding! It happened to be another bride and groom of mine who had gone on to start a family and celebrate with a Christening too and so it got them curious.

Thankfully I was free, I got it booked in the diary and then excitedly waited for emails with updates on their plans.

Capturing a little of family life – Family Videography in the North West

I don’t know about you but when you’ve got an event planned that involves all your amazing family and friends and it’s more than just the ‘ceremony’ part that you want to relive, whether it’s as long as a church ceremony or as short as a naming ceremony!

What about those exciting moments getting ready together as a family? Those moments of quiet before all the family pounce?

Or if it’s like our Christening morning those final minutes of chaos because the nap went longer than expected haha

Maria and Tommy made the morning look stress free and enjoyed lots of cuddles and cooing over little Archie before we headed over to St Paul of the Cross Church in Burtonwood.

There’s more about their day below but if you’re too excited and want to see the video NOW click below and enjoy…

a traditional white silk boys christening gown hangs on a baby wardrobe in a nursery at their home near Warrington

a moon trinket hangs on a wardrobe with born in 2018 written on the cloud below

a mum enjoys a sleepy cuddle on her sofa at her home in Appleton before his christening

a wide eyed baby just woken up after his nap caught on the video at their home in warrington

family photograph of dad pops his head round the door to see if baby has woken from his nap a Mum sit on the sofa

family video still dad smiles as he feeds his baby boy a bottle of milk at home

a baby boy gets his bum changed wearing a white vest and sucking his hands

mum and dad work together to get their baby boy dressed and ready for his christening in warrington captured on video

a wide eyed baby boy stares at the videographer over his dads shoulders

a mum makes her baby boy laugh as dad holds him in his nursery during a relaxed family video session

A Family Christening Service – Relaxed Family Videography

After a slight delay due to a very laid back (but lovely) priest the service was underway and Archie took it all in, even enjoying getting his head a little wet!

a grandma holds her grandson up high with a huge smile on her face before his christening in burtonwood

mum dad and godparents smile over at their baby boy having a bottle before his christening at st pauls in Burtonwood

a close up on the christening video as the priest dips his hand in the water at st pauls of the cross in Burtonwood

a baby boy gets baptised in front of parents and godparents at a christening st pauls of the cross in Burtonwood

water is dripped over a baby boys head during a christening service at st pauls of the cross in Burtonwood

A mum smiles at dad her husband as she holds her baby boy caught on video

a close up of mum holding her baby boy Archie at st pauls of the cross in Burtonwood for his christening

two friend pull silly faces at a phone in selfie mode during a christening at st pauls of the cross in Burtonwood

a little girl reaches up to hold a baby boys hand as Mum smiles on at st pauls of the cross in Burtonwood

Everyone soon made their way over to Alder Root Golf Club to enjoy the buffet Maria had put on (and everyone helped out setting up), the queue was HUGE and everyone got to admire the amazing Lion King themed cake as they picked up their nibbles (made by the same person who made their wedding cake too!).

This was the perfect opportunity to capture everyone catching up and enjoying themselves.

Then once Archie had enjoyed his little nap in the carrier he was soon getting passed around so everyone could have a squeeze and compete to see who could get the biggest smile 😀

a cute baby girl looks up in a carrier on her mum at Alder Root Golf Club marquee for a christening party

a blue homemade christening cake lion king theme sits on the buffet table with milestone baby boy bunting

a baby looks wide eyed at a guest pulling faces at them at a christeing party at Alder Root Golf Club in Warrington

video shows grandad gets the biggest laugh off his grandson at a christening party in Warrington

a young boy holds baby as his Dad sits next to him at a christening party at Alder Root Golf Club in Warrington

family enjoy having a cuddle with the christening boy and someone jokingly holds a pint near him in Warrington

a video captures a big family hug with a baby boy Archie in the middle looking confused at his christening party

Thank you Maria and Tommy for thinking of me when it came to capturing Archie’s special day, it really was a pleasure and an honour.

If you’ve got your own plans for a very special celebration for a little person in your life I’d LOVE to hear all about it. You can contact me here to chat and also get a copy of my family brochure!

Not quite ready to chat? That’s okay, I know you’ll want to be sure you feel comfortable having me capture such a special occasion! So, you can find out more about me HERE or maybe have a nosy around my family portfolio page to see more?