What’s Christmas without a few tears and meltdowns..? And I don’t mean from the kids, it’s sometimes us parents!

Tis the season to put your all in to making Christmas special for the little ones but I wondered, do you manage to capture the magic for yourself too?

It’s so hard to capture the moments AND be in the moments during the festive season so I’ve got an idea to share with you!

Meet the McGuinesses. They had me pop over on Christmas Eve to capture the girls eating lots of sugar and enjoying some of their family traditions.

They had their Christmas Eve boxes at the ready, with all the treats for Santa and his Reindeers. I even got to film them hanging their stockings by the fire, all ready for Christmas Day!

The Christmas tree was up with it’s rainbow coloured lights, and the personalised decorations from Christmas markets and children’s crafting hung with pride.

But in true Love Gets Sweeter style, it wasn’t about capturing the ‘Insta worthy’ family Christmas, it was about capturing the real family magic.

A True Family Christmas – Photography and Videography Shoot

Capturing The Real Magic Of Christmas At Home…

A lot of the family photography we see at this time of year may be posed and in a studio with a pretend festive backdrop.

The families may even be wearing matching Christmas jumpers.

Or maybe the parents just make time for a shoot for the kids and miss being in those moments too…

Did you know there’s an alternative and more natural way to document this wonderful time of year with your family?

And, that you don’t need to even leave the comfort of your own home. Full of all the best Christmas decor anyway!

Natural and Fun Family Photography This Christmas…

The ‘real magic’ of Christmas will look slightly different for each family.

Be that the Christmas traditions or family dynamics, it still makes for a little bit of family magic that is really worth capturing in photos and video.

That may also include the sibling upsets, the parents with heads in their hands but also those little moments in between that make the chaos worth it.

My relaxed and candid style of family photography is what you’d call ‘Documentary’ family photography.

This essentially means I’m ‘documenting’ a moment in time for you so you have those REAL moment to look back on and relive forever…

a dad snuggles his daughter in a festive Christmas jumper
a candid photo of a Mum holding a cup of tea grinning at her daughter
a parent goes to hang the christmas stockings by the fire
mum glances at the santas bell in the Christmas eve box
a baby cries as her sister helps with the christmas even boxes for Santa
a girl hangs a handmade christmas decoration to the tree
a black and white photo of a little girl reading her christmas even book
a mum dances to christmas songs with her daughter
a natural photo of a mum dancing to christmas songs at home
a natural family photo from their living room at Christmas in Ramsbottom
a little girl in a christmas jumper cuddles her mum
the family sit on the floor and share christmas chocolates

Ideas For A Family Christmas Photo Shoot…

Sometimes trying to think of something to ‘do’ as a family can put you off hiring a professional photographer each Christmas.

I’ll always recommend not trying to do anything. Why? Because try as you might, the children at liking to have their own ideas, wants and needs and probably not follow your well thought out Christmas plans anyway!

But, if like me it helps to have a ‘rough’ plan, here are a few festive family ideas to capture the magic at home this Christmas…

  • Baby’s First Christmas! An obvious one but a GREAT one!
  • Christmas baking! Be it a traditon like a Gingerbread House or something for Father Christmas, this can be fun (and messy) to do together!
  • Decorating the Christmas tree together. We know this starts off well but usually ends up with the Parents doing it. It can still be fun to capture (and remember) the chaos!
  • Christmas Eve boxes and getting things ready for Christmas. That build up of excitement on Christmas Eve can be fun for everyone and is amazing to capture!
  • Homemade Christmas decorations
  • Christmas board games
  • Spending time with some extended family or friends at Christmas
  • A Christmas walk before heading home for hot chocolate (a personal favourite!)

There really are lots of ways you probably celebrate together but the best moments will be those ones in-between the plans and the chaos.

As you’ll see from the family photography and videography that I captured here, I’m always looking for those cute moments between you all that you may not even remember happened in all the chaos…

I’m here to help remind you that it did happen and they do look at you in that way… 😀


a family hang out at home on Christmas eve with a family photographer

A Family Photographer To Capture Your Christmas…

If you’ve watched their family Christmas video and love the little moments that have been captured in photos too, you may be curious about capturing your own family Christmas too?

Now, despite Nicole (the Mum in these photos) joking about having me over on Christmas Day I do have my own young family to hang out with that day.

However, I LOVE Christmas and documenting other families celebrating the build up so I do make space for a couple of families in December to have their own family shoot at home.

If you’re in Lancashire, Cheshire or the surrounding areaas in the North West and would like to find out more then please do get in touch!

Charlene xx