Siobhan was a bridesmaid at one of my favourite weddings from the year before (you can see Katy and Tony’s super fun Knowsley Hall wedding here) and not only that but she was engaged to the bride’s brother!

I had such fun at that wedding as their wedding videographer so I and knew their Thornton Manor wedding over in the Wirral would be a contender for my favourite EVER wedding before I had even filmed it!

A bride grabs his brides bum and gives it a squeeze to make her laugh for the wedding video outside their wedding venue Thornton Manor

A Fun and Relaxed Wirral Wedding Video

We started the day as we do filming both the Bride and Groom. Siobhan was getting ready with her family and bridesmaids at her parents house in New Brighton while Gary got ready at home with his friends.

Both houses were busy and buzzing with excitement. Siobhan was all smiles and you couldn’t help getting a little giddy for her. We were soon heading over to St James with Emmanuel church down the road to film the ceremony. The vicar doing their service was actually from Siobhan’s old primary school so it made for a really personal wedding ceremony.

Siobhan and Garys Wedding Highlights1

Siobhan and Garys Wedding Highlights2

Siobhan and Garys Wedding Highlights3

A group of bridesmaids gasp as their see their friend as a bride for the first time. She stands at the top of the stairs at her parents house in the wirral holding her bouquet for the wedding videographer

the father of the bride puts his hand to his eyes and reacts as he sees his daughter as a bride for the first time as the wedding videographer captures the emotional moment of dad and daughter

A still from Siobhan and Gary's wedding video of the bride stepping out on her cream and black traditional wedding car in to the sunshine with a huge smile on her face holding a bright pastel bridal bouquet in the Wirral

Siobhan and Garys Wedding Highlights7

Siobhan and Garys Wedding Highlights8

Siobhan and Garys Wedding Highlights9

Siobhan and Garys Wedding Highlights10

They were pronounced husband and wife and headed out in to the beautiful sunshine with their guests before being showered in confetti.

Siobhan and Garys Wedding Highlights11

a wedding video still of the bride and groom holding hands as they get showered in confetti by their wedding guests outside their church in New Brighton

Guests piled on to their awaiting bus as the bride and groom enjoyed a drive in their beautiful wedding car. We all made our way to Thornton Manor in the Wirral ready for the wedding reception. Guests enjoyed ice cream and canapĂ©s in Thornton Manor’s mature gardens. Their photographer, Teressa C Photography, had fun getting all the group shots as people kept getting caught up chatting and eating ice cream! Then we decided to whisk the couple away to get some cute shots of just the two of them before heading back inside.

Siobhan the bride leans in to hug and smile at her Mum who is in a wheelchair as they have wedding photos done at Thornton Manor

Siobhan and Garys Wedding Highlights14

Siobhan and Garys Wedding Highlights15

Siobhan and Garys Wedding Highlights16

Siobhan and Garys Wedding Highlights17

Siobhan and Garys Wedding Highlights18

Siobhan and Garys Wedding Highlights19

Siobhan and Garys Wedding Highlights20

The wedding breakfast and speeches came next and everyone did a great job of getting them just right, happy tears and lots of laughter from all their guests!

Siobhan and Garys Wedding Highlights21

Siobhan and Garys Wedding Highlights22

Siobhan and Garys Wedding Highlights23

Siobhan and Garys Wedding Highlights24

We were soon being ushered out to get that cake cut before everyone headed back in to the ballroom ready to watch the first dance. The Bride’s Dad had a special surprise up his sleeve and part way through their first dance an Elvis track came on. I could see the confusion on everyones face and Siobhan even mouthed to Gary that she thought it sounded like someone singing. Well, she was right! Elvis made his way through the crowd to serenade them and then performed a few tracks for the happy couple and their guests.

Siobhan and Garys Wedding Highlights25

Siobhan and Garys Wedding Highlights26

The bride and groom laugh as the surprise Elvis impersonator performs for their wedding first dance at Thornton Manor in the wirral. This is a still taken from their wedding highlights video

Siobhan and Garys Wedding Highlights28

I LOVED making this wedding Highlights film and couldn’t wait to share it with the couple. They also loved it…

“Charlene we love it!

I must have watched it at least 100 times since you sent me it!

Thank you so much. It’s great and it just sums up the whole day for me. I didn’t stop smiling once!

Gary was really unsure of getting a video because he hates seeing himself on camera but he absolutely loves it, we both do.

Thank you again – you really are amazing!”

Wedding Ceremony – St James with Emmanuel Church, New Brighton
Wedding Reception – Thornton Manor, Thornton Hough, Wirral
Wedding Photographer – Teresa C Photography, Knowsley
Ice Cream Cart – Vitaliano’s Ice Cream