This week a little reminder popped up on my phone.

Love Gets Sweeter Wedding Films Anniversary, 7 years.

Firstly, oops…I’ve obviously been a little preoccupied with all my new website re-branding and getting ready for the launch that I’d not even registered that such a big date was coming up.

Secondly, how great are online calendars? Thank you Google!

So yes, Love Gets Sweeter celebrates 7 wonderful years of business in the wedding industry. 7 years of film making, filming some incredible weddings all over the country and meeting some lovely Bride and Groom’s (some I have the pleasure of calling friends now too!).

Crazy to think this all started from me forcing…sorry, I mean gently persuading, Lee to have our wedding filmed back in 2009. I had the fun of editing it all together (have you ever tried to edit through tears? That was a challenge) and it was the start of an incredible journey.

I apologise for using Elbow. It was original at the time…

To be fair, it’s all really thanks to Emma and Daniel at the very start daring to go with someone with no experience of filming a wedding and trusting that my passion and experience in the film industry was enough to create something wonderful for them.

I then went on to film an AMAZING wedding at St Audrie’s Park in Somerset for Karen and Mike (our pre-wedding meeting was on Bold Street for tea and brunch as they visited Liverpool for the Grand National and I remember that as much as I remember their wedding day! AND the little B&B they put us up in was so nice that I ended up taking my whole family there again a couple of years later for a holiday!).

Then it was the Scottish Highlands, Oxford, St Helen’s, Consall Hall in Staffordshire, Clitheroe, Thornton Manor in the Wirral and not forgetting ending the year filming an EPIC New Years Eve wedding for Evie and Jamie

What have I done to celebrate? The actual anniversary fell on Monday which is the best day of the week as it’s Mummy and Daughter day so Paisley and I celebrated by baking, obviously!

Then on Tuesday I made my incredible Dream Board (you may have seen that on Instagram), treated myself to a new Boden dress and Victoria Beckham make-up then cracked on with the epic to-do list I have on my desk. The joys of being your own boss!

Happy 7 year anniversary to me but also to my very first couple, Emma and Daniel (you can see that first Highlights Film here).

Thank you for helping start me on this incredible journey and I can’t wait to see what the next 7 years bring.

2017 and even 2018 looks wonderful so far, I’d love for you to be a part of it if you’re looking for your wedding videographer (or even an afternoon tea companion or baking buddy….), get in touch!