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Weinee and Iwan

wedding videography during a portmeirion wedding ceremony in wales

My husband Iwan was against it as he doesn’t like to be videoed but I pushed for it. I would advise all brides to do it. You seriously don’t want any regrets, you can show them to your future children! You cannot relive the day just through photos, videos offer a different experience!

Charlene is a brilliant videographer , she is not intrusive at all , you wouldn’t even feel or notice her / her staffs presence much (whereas photographer is all over you).  Even the photographer , who wasn’t v keen at the start about us having a videographer did say after that he could work very well with Charlene again!

On top of her top notch videoing skills, she offered beauty tips here and there eg. How not to spray perfume when you have your pearl earrings on as it might stain them (I remember it till today)

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