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Siobhan and Gary

A videographer was definitely a luxury for us as a couple although I felt really strongly about having one. For me venue was number 1, followed by photographer and videographer. For Gary it was a lot lower on the budget list.

Now I’m really pleased that I fought my corner and so is Gary because we love it. It’s easy to show people a snapshot of our wedding without boring them with hundreds of photos. I also feel that the video adds something more because it captures the mood, ambience and atmosphere of the whole day.

The films are fresh, modern and bright. They are something a little different. They stand out immediately from the other videographers on the market because the filming is very crisp and clear. There isn’t any soft focus and cheesy music, instead these films are fun and innovative. I love that I can show somebody the whole of my wedding day in less than 5 minutes with a song of my choice.

Charlene and her partner are great. They are friendly, chatty yet completely unobtrusive. I immediately felt relaxed (I was wary of being the centre of attention) and it didn’t feel like the focus was forced. It was very natural. It felt like they weren’t there yet they were incredibly helpful in helping to organise both wedding parties.

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