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Sherie and Jonathan

Most people don’t realise how valuable they (videos) are after the day to be able to watch them back. Also I think a lot of people think it’s like old school videos all in one film without music or editing. It wasn’t until my mum sort of pushed us into looking into it that we found you  I’m relieved we spent money on a good videographer and photographer, it’s only after you realise that once the day is done these and memories are all that’s left. We’ve both said  that the money that went on these two was the money best spent.

When me and jonathan are old and crazy we will always have the films to watch back on who we were once and our children will always be able to relive our day when we’re gone. We’re leaving a piece of our life on film when we’re at our happiest for them to hold on to forever (crying now) haha.

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