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Nicola Royds

Charlene joined me and my boys aged 3 and a half years and nearly 2 years as we went for an adventure in the woods. As a mum herself she knew exactly how to talk to the boys and put them at ease with her.

The video captures some precious moments of my boys playing and making their own fun, and is a lovely keepsake for us all to look back at for years to come.

Little moments, behaviours, sayings, that we would all have forgotten in a few years from now are now there for us all to watch over and over.

The music is a lovely addition and makes the footage all the more poignant.

Everyone who has seen our video has said how lovely and what a special keepsake it is. And it’s something that I simply couldn’t have created myself.

I’d highly recommend having one of these made for your family, and even if you didn’t know my boys you could watch my video and see just how special it is.

Thank you Charlene for capturing such a lovely, precious moment in our lives.

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