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Lindsay and Liam

I’d been bored by hours of friends wedding videos in the past so had made a pledge I would never do the same, plus I’m pretty camera shy so a wedding video was definitely not for me. But then my best friend and bridesmaid told me not to be so selfish!! She said the video was for the kids I dreamed of having and she was right! Plus I actually loved showing people the 3 min video on my phone to my favourite tune! Even the dentist watched it pre-scale and polish! Those kids are dreamed of are now 3 and 1 and love watching mummy and daddy on the iPad.

Imagine if your best friend was a wedding videographer you would deffo book her, she would put you at ease, you’d forget she was even the videographer and she would go the extra mile for you! Well if your best friend isn’t a videographer Charlene can be and you will get all the benefits.

"We watched the film about 4 times back to back on Wednesday night and again tonight. I haven't emailed before now because I was looking for the right words.... and I'm still not sure I… (Read more)" Gemma and Ian