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Kate and Will

When William suggested getting a wedding videographer I wasn’t keen. I didn’t like the thought of seeing and hearing myself on a DVD. I also thought we would never watch it so what would be the point.

Now I don’t ever look back, every time I watch the DVD it brings back all those excited and nervous emotions I had on the day. It is such a special memento to have and it has its own place on the shelf for everyone to see. We have watched it on many occasions and especially enjoy watching it with other wedding guests and reminiscing. I can’t wait to be able to share with Fred and any other children we may have in the future.

You NEED to meet with these guys they are a friendly, caring and genuine team! When Charlene was at my mums house filming us all getting ready she just fitted in and became part of the wedding party, helping whenever she could and I know the guys felt the same at the other house. They are easy to speak to and are open to any suggestions and concerns you may have. GO AND MEET THEM!!!

"We watched the film about 4 times back to back on Wednesday night and again tonight. I haven't emailed before now because I was looking for the right words.... and I'm still not sure I… (Read more)" Gemma and Ian