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Hannah and Trev

bride and groom kissing with their dog as a guest at wedding at sandhole oak barn

It was important to make sure we went with the right person and did research into what styles are available etc, but it was always something we wanted to include as it captures the day in a totally different way to photos. When you watch it you can relive the atmosphere of the day. It’s fab!

We love our film so much and I’m so pleased we made sure it was in our budget. It also holds a very special place as since our wedding day my stepdad has passed away and it is the only recording we have of his voice and him enjoying the day, so Hugo will be able to know what his Granda’s voice sounded like. That means so much.

It was a pleasure to have you there. You were so easy to chat to and even lent a hand when needed. I was nervous about having a camera around (as keen as I was to have a film and photos I also don’t like being in photos or the centre of attention) but you were so subtle and unobtrusive. You helped relax us when needed and were just generally great! Great communication before and after and of course the film itself is wonderful!

"We watched the film about 4 times back to back on Wednesday night and again tonight. I haven't emailed before now because I was looking for the right words.... and I'm still not sure I… (Read more)" Gemma and Ian