2020 may be the year we want to forget about for many reasons but being the creative optimist I thought it was worth looking out for those moments that did bring me joy.

Maybe as a parent seeing those connections between other families that I see and feel in my own every day family moments.

Maybe as a wedding videographer seeing love in it’s purest form on a small, intimate wedding day that could’ve been hindered by restrictions

Or maybe as a photographer seeing images that I feel really proud of and was so excited to show them off to the family.

Or maybe just the fact I got to do something I loved at least a handful of times (between the lockdowns) and reviewing 2020.

Or more likely, ALL of the above…


best family and wedding 2020

Love Isn’t Cancelled – Small Wedding Joy

Micro weddings became the word of the year for the wedding world as we made way for planning weddings with tight Covid restrictions. 

In the North West we struggled with very tight lockdown and tiered restrictions that moved so quickly it proved both challenging and disheartneing for couples trying to plan a wedding in Covid times.

As suppliers we tried out best to support our couples despite seeing all of our bookings and finances being moved further and further away 🙁

It meant a lot of couples decided postponing their wedding day was the way to go. But for a handful it was an opportunity to get creative, try and keep positive and celebrate love regardless!


Normally I’d create a highlights from all the amazing weddings I’d filmed but seeing as there was only two, I think it’ll be more of a treat for you to see them both in full!


A Micro Wedding Ceremony In Preston


I feel so grateful that I got to film 2 ‘micro’ love stories in 2020. 1 couple who decided to bring their wedding forward and even move venues. Another couple who decided to squeeze their day in just before Christmas. 

First up lets share Jess and Jamal’s wedding at the Preston Marriot in Lancashire. Squeezing in a celebration just before another national lockdown it was so full of happy emotions everyone was fit to burst. You can read more about their amazing micro wedding on their blog HERE or just enjoy their wedding highlights film below…

Handfasting By The River – A Secret Elopement

And if that last wedding didn’t give you all the feels then add this one to the mix and you’ll want to plan a mirco wedding of your own!

You can read more about Katie and Dayne’s legal wedding in Southport followed by a secret elopement and handfasting by the river at sunset HERE.

Or jump right in and watch their wonderful wedding film below…

Remember Family Life In Lockdown

In the Summer I began offering family garden ‘Lockdown’ shoots as a way to help families capture a bit of their own every day in a place where they’d been spending most of their time together.

As a Mum and a family photographer I LOVE the every day moments I manage to capture. They take patience and observational skills that lack when you’re juggling work, life AND family (I find it much easier documenting other families than my own because of that haha).

At the time it felt fun, a rare glimpse in to family life in Lockdown. A way for families to capture this time and have their very own bit of family history to pass down the generations. Can you even imagine those conversations in 20/40/60 years time??

Now nearly a year on those moments feel even more valuable as we still navigate our way through restrictions and being together.

I feel grateful that lots of families embraced the idea of capturing the chaos and calm of family life at home in Lockdown so I created a little ‘Best Bits’ from all the family photo shoots in 2020…

fun photo of dad swinging son upside down
fun photo of family life with boys running at home
mum and daughter draw at home

What Else Happened in 2020…?

  1. I launched a beautiful new USB product for all my wedding clients (past, present and future)
  2. I invested in my NEW Love Gets Sweeter branding and it’s much more alighned to my style and brand values. If you love it as much asI do and fancy a rebrand then do check out Gemma Andrews!
  3. I made time to create personal family albums that would stand the test of time and felt more of a family heirloom compared to our usual Blurb photobooks.
  4. I got to capture a Naming Day in lockdown for a very special family. Held over Zoom I captured all the little details that made the day so special regardless of the restrictions!
  5. The photos I captured during our holiday to Turkey admidst a pandemic got printed in a professional photography magazine!
  6. I won a Family Photojournalism Award!
  7. All the help I’d been giving my couples postponing got recognised with a fancy ‘Book With Confidence’ badge to help build some trust in the wedding world!
  8. I worked on a couple of amazing styled wedding shoots, one at the West Tower and one at Browsholme Hall. I LOVE capturing behind the scenes for wedding suppliers!
  9. I filmed the ‘Behind The Scenes’ of a shoot for the front cover of a wedding magazine!
  10. I kept my sourdough ‘starter’ alive!
  11. We celebrated our 37th birthday’s in lockdown, that was kinda unique.
  12. I made friends with people virtually. People who I may not have had the pleasure of meeting if it wasn’t for regional groups becoming national online.
  13. I took far too much time organising our Lego in to colours…

2020 as a Photographer and Videographer

Well there are a few exciting things and I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten a few things too!?

I must admit, reflecting on what was on paper a horrible year has actually helped me see the ‘best bits’. To appreciate the good stuff and I guess spin it to a more positive place instead of the focus being on the ‘lack’ of income and usual wedding work.

If you haven’t done anything like this yourself then I encourage you to! Help reframe 2020 in your mind and find some of those things to celebrate.

And if you do, I’d LOVE to hear about them. Come and celebrate with me over on Instagram!