NEW Luxury Wedding Video USB

I’ve finally found ‘The One’ for you!

In this wedding blog post  I’m going to share with you why I feel this NEW luxury wedding video keepsake is the BEST option to get some longevity with your own wedding video(s).

And, why I finally decided to offer a USB option and digital downloads after years of feeling it wasn’t quite right….

New Technology and Keeping Wedding Memories Safe

Over 10 years of being a wedding videographer I’ve seen lots of ‘trends’ and wedding video product ideas to help you enjoy your wedding memories and keep them safe.

I’ve also seen filming technology change over the years.

Only 11 years ago I had my wedding day filmed on tape!

I still have the 3 dusty boxes of HDV tapes stored away but I have no way of looking at them as I don’t have the tape decks any more! I also have my films on DVD BUT they look so much better on our fancy phone and TV screens in digital form.

luxury vegan leather USB case for wedding

Why I’ve Introduced A USB Product Option…

For years I’ve avoided the USB / Memory stick / Flash drive / Pen drive or digital talk.

I worried it would be just another pen drive stuck in a drawer of random stuff or files to get lost on a failed hard drive.

In fact, only this week I not only found 3 random USB sticks in our cutlery drawer (NO idea what’s on them…) but I also realised my old ways of storing personal files was SO risky.

A hard drive failed.

I had everything backed up for my business three times (can never be too careful). But when it came to my personal files I soon realised I wasn’t so consistent.

I came to make a personal family photobook I realised I had lost ALLLLL of Paisley’s professional photographs of her Naming Day when she was less than a year old 🙁

The whole lot.


I’ve no idea why I saved the random lockdown walks 3x but decided the important milestone was fine just the once!?

Future Proof Your Wedding Day (and your video)…

I know so many of us are now moving to streaming networks and DVD player sales are down as we move to digital files.

Most modern laptops don’t even have a disc drive any more (I had to purchase an external one to make DVD’s and Blu-Rays!).

Will there be a point when you can’t actually watch your wedding back because there’s no way to play it any more…?

In fact only the other month a Bride of mine admitted they didn’t have a DVD player any more so hadn’t been able to watch their wedding with their kids.

She then went on to order one of these to ensure they could…

wedding USB case and film books on shelf
kingston wedding film USB in case
Leather USB case folded up at home
beautiful USB display case of wedding day
close up of couples names on wedding USB

After years of searching I’ve found ‘The One’…

‘The One’ being the perfect product to help save your high resolution wedding films in all their UHD/4K glory.

To actually enjoy all the details and sounds on your updated 4k TV’s and mobile devices.

No waiting for decent WiFi for streaming or digging the DVD player out each year for your anniversary!

Not only that, this gives you a beautiful way to display your very own wedding keepsake too (no being lost in a drawer when it’s as beautiful as this!)

So once the your wedding film files are downloaded and saved (in multiple places to keep them safe) you can still have a beautiful reminder of your wedding day displayed to bring a smile to your face.

All thanks to my incredible album and print supplier I use for my family photography and videography work, Folio.


pair of parent wedding video USBs from a Lancashire wedding
close up of luxury wedding videographers USB for couple
wedding USB case on display in Lancashire

Your choice to ‘stick’ or ‘upgrade’ your wedding memories…

I know you booked me knowing I’d create a beautiful DVD or Blu-Ray keepsake of your wedding day.

Not only for you but for your family too, especially the tech-phobes like my Mum (she still has our wedding DVD out to enjoy whenever the mood takes her!)!

Like you I love having something physical to hold and enjoy when it comes to important memories.

They’ll be a place for wedding DVD’s over the next few years, especially for the older generation and I’m more than happy to keep creating them if it helps bring your wedding day back to life for the ones you love.

If you do fancy the idea of future proofing your wedding films a little more and having this beautiful keepsake you can display and enjoy…then you can upgrade or add on this beautiful USB presentation case at any time.

Modern Wedding Film – Traditional Keepsakes

I know many of you will want digital files, but the magic of opening and cherishing a beautiful keepsake needn’t be lost with your very own wedding USB case.

It combines modern technology with traditional craftsmanship and the beauty of a printed image.

I’m sure you can see why I fell in love with this USB product and needed to share it with you too!

If you’d like to order one for yourself, your family or find out more about creating one for your wedding day then please get in touch!

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