I think it’s about time I properly introduced my new little baby…

Gosh no!

She’s not mine!

I don’t mean a ‘real’ baby for me!

My nearly 4 year old and my business is MORE than enough right now! Haha.

This cutie is called baby Freiya.

She’s actually nearly 1 now and I’ve had the pleasure of documenting her growing up since she was this tiny.

Capturing not only her newborn cuteness and those little milestones along the way but also the journey of her parents too.

Those genuine connections, loving little glances and family moments that you seem to miss when you’re relying on your smart phone or capturing them yourself.

I know this because even as a Mum and professional photographer and videographer I can’t capture those moments with me in them on my own.

I ensure every now and then I invest in someone I trust to capture life as it is there and now. With the added bonus of me being in front of the camera!

At weddings I was all about the love and laughter (without sounding too cheesy) along with those real connections and moments between people who love each other.

Always looking for the humour and real moments at weddings I found the same went for capturing moments at home with my own family too.

This soon rekindled an old love of photography and after some investing in courses and new kit I was soon looking for ideas to capture my own life in a more ‘real’ way.

Along with those real moments came family milestones. From first words, first foods and first steps to meeting her niece for the first time and family adventures as she got older.

My rekindled love for photography soon turned in to a passion and I couldn’t help but look for ways to be able to capture moments like these for other families.

Obviously, it wasn’t that easy!

I feel inviting someone to take photos of you requires building a bit of trust, especially if you’re feeling a little nervous with a precious newborn.

But then having the advantage of being that parent before and years of filming family celebrations helped me find those connections with a handful of local families and my journey began with them to create something pretty special…

Cute, isn’t it?

I love hearing the little gurgles and seeing her feet kick, that sneeze is ADORABLE too.

It’s family life that’s the nicest to see though, don’t you think?

I’m sure we all think our lives are a little boring and ordinary.

Who would want photos and video of us doing ‘nothing’?

I can assure you, you’re not boring. Nor is staying cosy inside being together ‘nothing’.

Our every day will be what we want to see when the little ones aren’t so little any more.

And what they’ll want to see?

You. All of you, together and being totally loved up and ‘ordinary’ 😀

Looking for an alternative to posed family photography…?

Then maybe something like this could be for you.

Something that allows you to feel completely relaxed and at ease.

No time pressures of a studio shoot.

No pressure to ‘pose’ or ‘perform’.

And more importantly no pressure on the little ones if they’re feeling a little grizzly (because we all know the day we want professional photos is the day they decide to start teething/catch a cold/go through a ‘leap’/decide they only want Mummy cuddles/’enter other random thing here’ haha).

And what about being able to relive this moment in time in both photo and video?

Being able to have prints for your wall as well as seeing and hearing those moments in your very own little family video too?

Well, I have something pretty special launching soon.

Those who sign up below will be the first to know and also the first to hear about any exciting launch offers I may have…

I promise it’s only me, no spam and only family related awesomeness xx

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