If you’re always the one behind the camera I bet you find it hard to picture yourself in front of the camera don’t you…?

Or maybe like me you really want to be in the picture but no-one else ever seems to capture those natural moments you love…?

The family you’re about to meet at The Brookes’ who live over in Wetherby, Yorkshire. And Hannah just happens to be a family photographer too!

Fun Family Photography and Video Session in Yorkshire

a fun family portrait photo of them in their home kitchen pulling faces

Lets forget the pressure I felt being booked by another professional family photographer to capture her own ‘every day’ family life (wasn’t nerve-wracking AT ALL. Honest)

But imagine how it must feel for someone who is so used to taking pictures of others to finally be in FRONT of the camera for a change?

She now has to worry about being the other side of someone else’s lens!

We’ve all been there, right?

Whether you’re used to camera’s or not, as Mum’s we all have the same worries about about photoshoots it seems.

Will I look okay in front of the camera?

Will my husband avoid pulling his silly camera face?

Will my kids be on their best or worst behaviour?

Will the photographer be able to get any nice shots of our crazy family…?

Will I lose my s**t in front of a stranger when everyone’s acting up… (that’s one I thought about previously haha)?

Here’s all the ‘Best Bits’ from their family session at their home in Yorkshire in a cute slideshow…

Here’s The Brookes very own family photography slideshow

Documentary Family Photography Capturing Real Family Life

a documentary style photograph of a family racing on scooters outside their home and an upset daughter

For us Mum’s we always find ourselves documenting family life behind the camera, whether it’s our phones or we manage to get the ‘real’ camera out.

We seem to be more aware of those amazing moments and ready to capture them. They’ll be tons of natural, candid family photos of the kids but rarely any of us Mum’s.

Those natural unprompted moments that for some reason or another Dad’s rarely see (and very rarely take photos of without a nudge!).

a non traditional relaxed family portrait of a young family of four and their dog in wetherby

a dad plays in the garden sand pit during a family photo shoot in Wetherby

a mum leans on her arms and smiles at her daughter during their home family photo shoot in Wetherby

a little girl sits on her dads knee giggling during a relaxed family photo shoot by love gets sweeter

Capturing those candid every day family moments

I know our walls seem to be covered in photos of my husband and Paisley but there’s only 1 ‘unprompted’ one of myself and my daughter (if you discount the ones where I’ve hired a professional photographer to come and capture a wedding/christening/family day out).


So armed with all these feelings of never being in front of the camera I’m always conscious of capturing those real family moments with the parents in the frame.

Make time to be in front of the camera in your very own relaxed family photo shoot!

an alternative family portrait of a family being silly with the kids on shoulders at the park

a dad and his son play on the climbing frame at a local park in Wetherby

a little girl on her mums shoulders leans down and kisses her mum during a family photography shoot in wetherby

a photograph of a young boy swinging high up on the park swings during an outdoor family session photo shoot

Not only to ensure that you finally have some lovely images and video of you all enjoying some rare family time but also so you get to see what someone else sees.

See how much your little people adore you (even when you feel they’re being extra challenging that day or they’re being extra moody just in time for the shoot).

See how rewarding (and challenging) being a parent really is.

Looking back and remembering those funny things they did back then (like Thomas here and his snake that was actually a ‘dinosaur tail’game).

a mum laughs as she helps her son sort out his snake in to a dinosaur tale during a family shoot

a natural photograph captured of a little girl playing peekaboo with her mum and a curtain during a family photo shoot

a real life family shot of a mum sitting with her daughter and son watching TV at home

Having a small moment of your lives documented to enjoy looking back on for years to come.

And, something for them to love looking back on as they grow up too. There’s something pretty special about looking back at your own childhood isn’t there?

And imagine how extra special it could be for them if you’re in those photographs and video too…

Do you love the idea of being able to be ‘in the moment’ and trusting someone else to capture those real family moments?

Because I can assure you that all those worries you have will be long forgotten having me hang out with you to capture moments like these.

So, what’s stopping you? If you’d still like to take a look around I’d highly recommend my ‘Family Portfolio’ page to see more of my work.

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I’m a documentary family photographer and videographer based in Lancashire but as you can see, it’s quite nice travelling around the UK capturing ‘real life’ for other families so if you’re not Lancashire based and love the idea of having me come and hang out with you to capture a bit of your family life I’d LOVE to hear from you.