It’s been a very busy few weeks for me here at Love Gets Sweeter.

Not only editing my gorgeous April wedding videos but also planning for the May weddings AND hanging out with some VERY cute babies.

a dad holds his baby girl and smiles as Mum leans over in their daughters nursery in Lydiate for a family photography shoot by Love Gets Sweeter

You may have seen from my previous posts that I’ve rekindled my love for photography (I did it way back in college in a real dark room, even gaining an OCN…whatever one of those is??).

And, that I had been on the search for a couple of families to help me not only get some real practice in (as I don’t think my gorgeous daughter really counts) but to help me develop a very special package that would involve a little bit of both my loves, photo and video!

I’m yet to get their videos completed but I was so excited about the photography side that I had to share a sneak peek with you all…

a gorgeous close up image of twin boys born premature in their cot. one is sleeping and the other alert as they touch hands

a photograph of a newborn baby girl sleeping on her Mums shoulder as her dad rubs her hair gently

a milk drunk baby girl sleeps in her Mums arms and you can see her pretty pink cot and mint green wallpaper of the nursery in the background

A dad gently kisses his newborn son on the side of the head as he cuddles him

two newborn twin boys lay in their cot and the family photographer has focused on their tiny little hands

a mum leans over to chat to her toddler about their new baby boy twins in their bright and neutral white and cream nursery in the wirral

daddy and newborn daughter hold hands as she lays on her neutral coloured play mat in their living room in Lancashire for their family photographer

a dad kisses his baby girls hand as he cuddles her and the mum watches over them both

a family are spending time with their premature baby twin boys and toddler son in the new nursery at their home in Wallasey

A toddler tries to gently stroke one of his twin brothers heads as they lay in their cot during a family photography shoot in the wirral

a little toddler hands off his mums shoulders to give his baby brother a kiss for the photographer in New Brighton

a dad holds his baby girl and smiles as Mum leans over in their daughters nursery in Lydiate for a family photography shoot by Love Gets Sweeter

Mum holds a newborn baby girl and smiles as they look at each other in front of their family photographer at home in Lydiate

a little boy chews his hand as he looks at the camera His mum is holding her newborn son on the sofa behind him

Seriously, how cute are they all???

The little twin boys aren’t even due for a few more days and clearly thriving! I was in awe watching their Mummy wander around breastfeeding along with playing with her toddler Finn too, #mumgoals right there!

And Freiya, she was the perfect little model and her parents obviously couldn’t get enough of cuddling her which was so lovely to see.

Anyway, I will leave you with those gorgeous images as I best get ready for my wedding tomorrow.

I’d LOVE to hear what you think and if it’s something you’d consider having done. I’ve always been one for natural images and having a shoot in your own home with a newborn seems so much easier than trying to get out the house and remember everything, don’t you think..?

Remember I shared another post on tips for your own family photography at home so if you haven’t spotted it, check it out here!