should I have a wedding video

a black and white photo of charlene from love gets sweeter wedding videos filming a pair of white bridal shoes and veil with wedding photographer Jane Hockey

A Simple and Relaxed Wedding Video Package

Seeds of doubt set by well meaning friends telling you how much they love theirs or how much they went on to regret not having one. Or the thought of having one makes you cringe a little but it’s that ‘what if’ worry that keeps bringing you back… I’m talking last minute ‘wedding video’ worries. Wouldn’t it be nice to have something to show off the day to people who couldn’t be there? Not only the guests who couldn’t make…

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the brides dad says something funny about the bride and everyone is laughing and shocked he could be so funny

Should I Have A Wedding Videographer?

Should I have a wedding videographer and wedding video or get my friend/uncle/brother/friend of a friend do it…? It’s a hugely common question I hear online and it’s even a question we asked ourselves during our own wedding planning! Being a wedding videographer and all that, kinda biased now huh? But I totally get the attraction of considering ‘cheaper’ options or even easier ones if you’re unsure on having one in the first place! If you’ve read my ‘About Me’…

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