Wedding planning in a pandemic.

Not something I ever thought I’d write or something you thought you’d be doing right now!

You’re here because you’re planning your wedding during this Covid pandemic and unsure of what to do?

Well, here’s a blog post all about how to approach wedding planning in this pandemic and to book your wedding suppliers with confidence!

Wedding Planning During A Pandemic

For couples all the uncertainty with dates and timelines has led to understandable worries about wedding planning and if/when to book suppliers.

The conflict of wanting to book someone you love before they get booked up and worrying about the risk of doing so can be challenging right now.

I know for many of my couples it’s proved difficult to stay excited about wedding planning too. The nerves kick in as restrictions change daily.

BUT, you can still find the joy in wedding planning.

The joy in finding the perfect wedding suppliers who will not only be the dream team for your wedding day but they can help support you through all this uncertainty too.

You can invest in them as a person and follow their journey through this too which will help you build even more trust with them going forward.

How To Approach Wedding Planning In A Pandemic…


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Book Your Wedding Suppliers With Confidence

Planning a wedding during a pandemic comes with the uncertainty mentioned above but it can also come with a sense of worry for your future plans too.

We all see the postponements and 2020 couples moving their dates to 2021, 2022 and beyond meaning there’s even more demand for dates going forward. Lots of wedding suppliers already have fully booked calendars so the panic starts to set in for others trying to secure their favourite suppliers!

If you’re feeling nervous about booking someone but don’t want to risk missing out what can the supplier do to help you book with confidence?

Is it safe to start booking suppliers if there’s still a risk of postponements or changes to your own wedding?


And here’s my advice on how to do that…

Booking Your Dream Wedding Suppliers During Covid…


If you’ve had your eye on a few wedding suppliers you’ve keen to book but are nervous given the current climate then I encourage you to reach out to them and have a chat.

Firstly to check they’re free for your wedding date!

And when they are (phew) find out more about how they’ve been supporting their current couples and bookings.

It’s important  that to book with confidence you feel you can put your trust in them and understand their booking procedures and options for postponements going forward.

You’re making a financial commitment with them paying a booking fee/deposit to secure them for your wedding day and they will reward you with plenty of fuss I’m sure.


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Your Very Own Covid Secure Wedding

‘Covid Secure’ may mean the setting you’re in for your actual wedding day but we could also apply that to booking your wedding suppliers during the pandemic too.

Lots of the big wedding blogs have shared some great, up to date wisdom on the Covid pandemic which are useful to read.

Rock My Wedding has an official ‘Covid Secure‘ blog here.

Love My Dress has a dedicated Coronavirus Wedding Resources page HERE

Brides Up North have their Coronavirus and ‘Good Vibes’ post regularly updated too.

The image above is from Little White Books who have created their ‘Book With Confidence’ campaign to highlight all the talented supplier who have not only gone above and beyond for their couples during the pandemic but have also not profited or charged fees to move, helping couples affected. You can join their Online Wedding Fair HERE.

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Questions To Ask Your Wedding Suppliers To Book With Confidence…

Ask for a copy of their booking form and contract to read over and check you’re happy with everything. It isn’t just a formal agreement for the booking but to also give you extra protection going forward too. It’s reassuring to know they are keen to look after you and your booking.

  • What do they have in place should you need to postpone your wedding to a later date?
  • What will happen to your deposit? Can it be moved to a new date without fuss or fee should you need to postpone your wedding?
  • What can they do to ensure you feel confident investing in them right now?

We know as suppliers that customer confidence is key and so will be happy to discuss all these Covid related queries with you. We are all SO excited to see weddings being celebrated and will do a happy dance every time a couple puts their trust in us during this time.

You’ll feel excited all over again having booked someone you love and can relax knowing they’ll be there every step of the way to help you navigate this unusual time. 

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Wedding Videographer Pandemic Promises


From the very beginning of all this it’s always been about my couples and ensuring you have one less thing to worry about with having me as your wedding videographer.

As I limit the amount of weddings I take on each year to ensure each couple gets a really personal service it’s allowing me to be more flexible and accommodating when it comes to postponements for you.

For my services there will continue to be no fee for moving a wedding date due to Coronavirus related challenges. No fuss, simply transferring the booking over to a new available date and amending the booking details.

That’s why Little White Books has honoured me with their ‘Book With Confidence’ badge as a valued wedding supplier and advertiser of theirs.

It’s all about teamwork for me. I want you to be excited that I can continue on this wedding planning rollercoaster with you and will always be ready to step in and help.

All I ask is couples keep in touch! Most like to follow me on Instagram where I’m always visible, open and honest and sharing my own ‘behind the scenes’ of a wedding videographer in a pandemic.

It really is a simple as keeping communication open and having a chat before any big decision is made. I’d hate for a date to move without consultation and for that new date to already be booked with me…gosh, imagine! I think I’d cry, as would you! 🙁


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Feeling Confident Enough To Book?

If you’re keen to book me with confidence then I encourage you to get in touch.

I can offer a no obligation or pressure chat before any booking so you have the chance to pick my brains.

Check that you feel you could put your trust in me not only to capture your day but to help you navigate wedding planning in a pandemic too!

I’m here and ready to help you too. Investing in me as your wedding videographer isn’t just an investment in capturing your wedding day memories. It is also having a supportive wedding expert and even friend on hand whenever you need it.

Living up to my hashtag #morethanaweddingvideographer

You can have a look at my wedding videos here, find out more about me here or head over to my Instagram to get to know me even more.

Wedding planning may not be quite what we had planned but we can certainly make the most of what we can plan AND get excited doing it!


Charlene xx