It is always the BEST FEELING EVER to have yourself added to a list that’s titled ‘recommended suppliers’ at a fabulous wedding venue I’ve LOVED working at. I’d say it’s up there with a handwritten thank you card (or that first sip of a perfectly brewed fancy tea, or bite of a homemade cake…)!

And not one I’ve had to beg to be on or even pay to be on (yes that’s a thing, be wary) but to be personally picked because they loved working with me (as much as I loved working with them!).

My first ever one was thanks to the incredible Consall Hall and Gardens in Staffordshire. This is a real hidden gem. Consall has so many good things going for it I honestly wouldn’t know where to start.

Natalie and Rob’s Consall Hall wedding video from 2010 (how did that happen?? That’s 7 years ago!)

There are so many picture perfect corners all over their gardens I know how hard it is for the couples to narrow down a few of their favourite spots for their couple photos (that or allow a good 3 hours to jump aboard the golf buggies and go EVERYWHERE in the 70 acres of perfectly landscaped gardens).

claire and justin posing for their wedding photographer and videographer at consall hall gardens in staffordshire
Claire and Justin enjoyed posing for their wedding photos (as he works there he knew EXACTLY where to go for the best shots!)

But hand on heart what makes this venue one of my favourites isn’t the excuse to go riding on golf buggy’s before lunch.

It isn’t the wonderful hidden spots for romantic photo opportunities, the sweeping paths leading us off in to yet another secret part of their garden.

Or even the food (as that’s pretty nice too and we all know I LOVE my food).

It’s the staff! Michelle and Justin (who’s wedding I had the pleasure of filming too) can’t do enough to make the wedding day perfect. They help you not only plan the wedding of your dreams but they also coordinate it seamlessly on the day too.

Even 7 years on I watch these films from my first year of being an official wedding videographer and I’m taken straight back to that day as if it was a wedding I filmed last week!

It amazes me even after all these years how much video can really keep your favourite memories of a day alive. I’ve had the pleasure of filming so many weddings it’s even more amazing they can all fit inside my brains memory box along with all the other random stuff (like Spice Girls dance routines and song lyrics to No Scrubs…you know, cause it’s important to remember all that!).

But you know what?

Even if you’ve picked your venue you should pay them a visit. The gardens are pretty incredible! I know my couples who have been married there go year after year and even the staff say how different it looks week on week with the changing colours. The perfect setting for a chilled Sunday…