Well I just had to do a little something to celebrate National Kissing Day 2017 didn’t I?

I’m a wedding videographer! Not only do I get to film lots of kisses but I also get to editing beautiful films full of kissing too!

Bride and Grooms having a kiss on their wedding day celebrating national kissing day with love gets sweeter wedding videography quoting gone with the wind

Don’t you love this quote?

If you don’t know it’s what Rhett Butler says to Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With the Wind (one of my favourite films thanks to my Nana).

I even have it framed in my kitchen and a card in my office!

national kissing day post with lots of bride and grooms having a kiss on their wedding day caught on video by love gets sweeter in lancashire

I LOVE kissing. Love kissing my husband, my daughter and love filming my gorgeous couples doing lots of kissing on their wedding day!

Lets not forget all the lovely families kissing their babies and kids during shoots too!

How will you be celebrating?

Enjoy your kisses and cuddles xx