Love really does get a little sweeter this valentines day as I officially launch our amazing new collection of family and newborn films (and if you read all the way to the end there may be a tempting introductory offer too)…

new for 2017 family and newborn lifestyle videos in lancashire

Lee and I have never been big on the whole ‘Valentines Day’.

Our first way back in 2003 was at the Albert Dock in Liverpool (fancy) and Lee splashed out on a posh (and ridiculously overpriced) meal at Est Est Est.

I’d even bought a new outfit and Gone With the Wind (one of my all time favourite films) was playing on the big screen. That was about as good as it got. The food was…meh and we had more fun gossiping about all the miserable people around us and guessing their story!

So since then we’ve not done Valentines. You won’t see me celebrating it as I’m all love every day of the year but I do still love seeing everyone else celebrating it.

After all, what’s not to love about love?

HOWEVER, Paisley is our new sweet Valentines.

daddy and daughter in front of light up LOVE letters at a wedding ceremony in Mitton Hall Clitheroe

She gets all our love and it’s been cute sending Daddy kisses on WhatsApp to start his work day off with a smile.

I may even let her share some homemade chocolate cake with us later.

Thinking about all this and seeing such lovely things on social media with people sharing the love for their wonderful families I felt it was the perfect time to share with you my awesome new collection of family films.

You may have seen me hinting at something new on my last blog post looking ahead to an exciting 2017.

My wonderful bride and grooms have been lucky enough to have a ‘first look’ at my new brochure and I’ve been sharing sneak peeks over on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages too but if you missed it get in touch and let me send you one!

So this Valentines let me tempt you to celebrate your family love with me. Let me spend a few hours with you, capturing you doing what you love to do and creating a film that will forever capture that moment for you to relive again and again.

I know only too well how precious family time can be and love being able to create lasting memories…

Isn’t that wonderful? Josh, Oli, their Mum and Aunty spent the afternoon with me in Tarleton Woods. We dug for acorns, made (and destroyed) piles of leaves as well as having a good giggle! I had even more fun editing it and picking a perfect song to reflect such a lovely afternoon but also the two boys.

“Charlene joined me and my boys aged 3 and a half years and nearly 2 years as we went for an adventure in the woods. As a mum herself she knew exactly how to talk to the boys and put them at ease with her.

The video captures some precious moments of my boys playing and making their own fun, and is a lovely keepsake for us all to look back at for years to come.

Little moments, behaviours, sayings, that we would all have forgotten in a few years from now are now there for us all to watch over and over.

The music is a lovely addition and makes the footage all the more poignant.

Everyone who has seen our video has said how lovely and what a special keepsake it is. And it’s something that I simply couldn’t have created myself.

I’d highly recommend having one of these made for your family, and even if you didn’t know my boys you could watch my video and see just how special it is.

Thank you Charlene for capturing such a lovely, precious moment in our lives.”

Nicola, Mum to Josh and Oli

To celebrate all the love in the air for Valentines I’m offering 10% off all family and newborn films booked before the end of March (they don’t have to be redeemed by then). Prices start from £150.

daddy daughter on the beach being filmed for their family lifestyle fun video

If you’d like to find out more I’d love to show off some more examples and chat through any ideas you may have so get in touch.