This is up there with one of my all time favourite wedding videos I have filmed and edited. Great company, a gorgeous and very happy bride and groom, beautiful church and wedding venue in Cheshire and we even finished with a spectacular sunset. What’s not to love about this amazing Willington Hall wedding…?

Emma and Alistairs Wedding Highlights20

I started the day at Emma’s parents beautiful house in Hatton. The sun was streaming through the windows, the ‘red’ carpet was being laid out in anticipation of the wedding cars arrival and the professional hair and make-up artists were working on getting everyone beautified. Alistair and his wedding party were already dressed and ready waiting at a local pub, enjoying some darts and a few pints before their Horgans wedding bus picked them up. You may even recognise Alistair as he played an important role in a previous wedding I have filmed… (you can see his sister’s wedding that took place at Manchester Town Hall here).

As the boys made their way to St John’s Church in High Legh for the wedding ceremony Emma was getting in to her amazing backless wedding dress with help from her Mum. I LOVED being able to capture this part as her Mum was so excited for her and even had to fight back the tears once the veil was on. Then when Dad came in and gave an ‘eek’, well I was bubbling with excitement then too! The bridesmaids gave an award winning reaction and had to dab their tears away to avoid ruining their professional make-up and then I was soon racing ahead to capture their arrival at the church.

Emma and Alistairs Wedding Highlights1 Emma and Alistairs Wedding Highlights2 Emma and Alistairs Wedding Highlights3 Emma and Alistairs Wedding Highlights4 Emma and Alistairs Wedding Highlights5 Emma and Alistairs Wedding Highlights6 Emma and Alistairs Wedding Highlights7 Emma and Alistairs Wedding Highlights8

It was like a summers day as guests took to their seats. Alistair joked about her being late and kept checking his watch as family took photos. We soon heard the horn of the wedding cars and Emma looked picture perfect as she gracefully stepped out in to the sunshine. Their Reverend, Trish, was all smiles and invited everyone to stand as Emma floated down the aisle towards her Groom. The service was really fun and personal, they even had some thoughtful gifts to open (including rolo’s and a clock…) that linked to Trish’s advice that she was giving out which made everyone smile. Rings and vows were exchanged and they were soon announced as husband and wife before making their way back out in to that gorgeous winter sunshine. Their wedding photographer, Jason Howard, got all the guests outside on the lawn for the group photographs before organising a confetti shot to lead them to the awaiting wedding car.

Emma and Alistairs Wedding Highlights9 Emma and Alistairs Wedding Highlights10 Emma and Alistairs Wedding Highlights11 Emma and Alistairs Wedding Highlights12 Emma and Alistairs Wedding Highlights13 Emma and Alistairs Wedding Highlights14 Emma and Alistairs Wedding Highlights15 Emma and Alistairs Wedding Highlights16 Emma and Alistairs Wedding Highlights17 Emma and Alistairs Wedding Highlights18

Willington Hall is an amazing estate not far from Delemere forest and I can see why they chose it for their wedding reception. Guests arrived at Willington Hall and were welcomed by champagne and a very helpful wedding co-ordinator Michele. They also got to enjoy the sunshine on the patio and surrounding gardens while Jason and I sneaked the couple off for some couple portraits. Alistair spent a lot of the time trying to unhook Emma’s dress from the surrounding shrubs (perfect for their up and coming outtakes film) at the start but they were soon posing like pros as we made it in to less overgrown parts of the gardens!

Emma and Alistairs Wedding Highlights19 Emma and Alistairs Wedding Highlights20 Emma and Alistairs Wedding Highlights21

The wedding breakfast room looked beautiful with the splashes of vibrant orange in the flower arrangements. Emma and Alistair were announced in to a huge applause before getting to enjoy the speeches before their meal. Dad did a good job at embarrassing Emma and even got her to cry by saying some lovely things. Poor Alistair had to follow that but did really well and shared one of my favourite engagement stories to date and got everyone in the room laughing. The Best Man followed with some funny stories from the past and made him squirm a few times before everyone got to chill out and enjoy their 3 course meal.

Emma and Alistairs Wedding Highlights22 Emma and Alistairs Wedding Highlights23 Emma and Alistairs Wedding Highlights24 Emma and Alistairs Wedding Highlights25

The sun started setting just before desserts came out but that didn’t stop Emma and Alistair nipping out for some more couple photographs as the sky turned a vibrant red. This part made for some funny outtakes as Alistair tried not to trip on Emma’s dress and shared how he’s not actually tried to break his shoes in before the wedding! We then left them in peace to enjoy their dessert while we enjoyed a lovely meal they’d arranged for us. All refuelled we then had the fun task of capturing some messages for the happy couple at their request before guests were then escorted back in to the main room to see the cake being cut and the first dance…

Emma and Alistairs Wedding Highlights26 Emma and Alistairs Wedding Highlights27 Emma and Alistairs Wedding Highlights29 Emma and Alistairs Wedding Highlights30

I had a ball at this wedding and I’m sure watching this film you’ll see what an amazing day they had and how they didn’t stop smiling once. If you’d like to see their longer Feature film then get in touch!
You can also see Jason Howard’s amazing wedding photographs from their day over on his wedding photography blog here.

Wedding Church Ceremony – St John’s Church, High Legh
Wedding Reception Venue – Willington Hall, Tarpoley, Cheshire
Wedding Photographer – Jason Howard
Band and DJ set by Rock Revolution