I love making wedding films and everything that comes with it. Meeting couples very much in love, spending a day absorbing all the excitement as they share their wedding day with family and friends and then there’s the fun of creating a film that really reflects all that…

Once the DVD’s are designed, handcrafted, bubblewrapped and posted out to the excited couple I do feel a little sad it’s over but if I’m honest with myself…I probably watch my couples weddings films as often as my own! I think that’s why I’m always so touched when couples stay in touch and I get to hear all their fab newly-wed news! Because of that it really does mean a lot to me when someone takes the time to hand write a little thank you. It means that much that Lee actually lets me have them displayed around the house!
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In this technological age it’s not only card’s I receive but lovely emails and even Facebook messages. I just had to share a few of my recent ones with you as they’re amazing…

“You have just totally brightened up my Monday morning!! I’ve sent it on to my parents as well, but I absolutely love it. Won’t get any work done today now as I’ll be grabbing every passing random to show them…We all of us absolutely love the video – as my dad says, you are a genius!” Rachel & Ruaírí on their highlights film



“its friggin awesome!! X” Chelle & Ben on their highlights film





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“We watched it! It’s so beautiful we both cried, love the music and how you captured so many special moments. You are so talented Charlene and choosing to have the video was the best decision because there is so much I had forgotten and I know we will have this for the rest of our lives. Thank you do much Charlene it’s truly amazing. I can’t wait to watch it again when I get home. Anyone who is getting married in the future is going to get harassed until they hire you because I know they will regret it if they don’t.” Anna & Lee on their feature film


“Charlene and Lee, thank you so SO much for our anniversary card – so thoughtful! Can’t believe a year has passed and we still watch our DVD all the time with grins on our faces 🙂 have a lovely day! X” Lauren & Pat on their 1st Anniversary card





“Oh Charlene- that is hilarious! I didnt think I’d love the outtakes as much as the highlights and main film but that really tops it off perfectly and is just so funny! I had forgot about half of the catastrophes and funny moments, it brings it all back! The ending is just perfect- I spat my brew out in shock and laughing so much! Would definitely recommend to any bride to add these on!” Sarah & Gerrard on their Outtakes


“WOW the film is absolutely amazing, we’re so very pleased with it, just those few minutes relived the day for us, we’re absolutely over the moon, thank you both so, so much!!! Look forward to seeing the full version when we’re back home, Lisa’s parents have also seen it, and are equally as happy, so we’re happy for it to be posted on your blog etc, and for others to see it.

Thanks again for being a very big part of our big day !!! Suns coming back out now here! So We’ll catch up with you soon. P.s we also loved the choice of music! xx”Lisa and Stephen on their highlights film (from the Maldives!!!)

Thank you lovelies for taking the time to say such lovely things!!