It is very busy over here at Love Gets Sweeter’s HQ what with wedding season in full flow. I have 4 amazing weddings in the queue to show you all and another one to edit from last weekend so I’m busy…very busy!

Today I’m with my in laws as they celebrate their 35 blissful years of marriage so no time for blogging today but I just had to share a couple of sneak peeks as they are truly wonderful wedding and if I had more hours in the day I would be sharing them all right now!

So while I have a very rare day off I just had to share one of my favourite moments with you!

Sarah and Gerrard’s Lake District was just amazing and came complete with dramatic scenery and pineapple glasses. This moment was when the priest had moved away to start the next part of the ceremony, slightly forgetting the fact Sarah hadn’t put Gerrard’s wedding ring on. Oops