Well, it’s been a bit of a whirlwind but I’m so proud to say that as of the 13th March Love Gets Sweeter has been officially making beautiful wedding films for 2 whole years!! As I sat there enjoying the wonderful spring sunshine I started thinking back to when it all started and thought I’d share with you some more details on why we chose to have our wedding ‘videoed’…

I remember so much from my wedding. I personally think that is thanks to all the documenting that happened during the day that has enabled us to keep so many memories alive.  We may not have the wedding album that we dreamed of (due to a photographers lack of customer service, I won’t go there) but we have an amazing collection of family photos and, thanks to a very talented Father in law, even a sprinkling of semi pro portraits. But the one thing that I would put high up there in my ‘best decision ever made’ list (after marrying my wonderful Husband) would be our wedding DVD. Like so many couples it wasn’t on our list of priorities and it was only during the whirlwind of last minute preparations that I had a bit of a light bulb moment (thought a Thai lantern could symbolise the light bulb!).

Now, bear with me here. I have been a huge fan of the moving image since back in the day when I got a taste for Hollywood classics at my Nan’s but more importantly it’s my love for the home movie that really gets my excited! I’m serious! Who doesn’t love finding old video clips of themselves, family and/ or friends? Can you imagine You’ve Been Framed being half as funny if it was just a collection of photographs?


I found a stack of VHS tapes when my Dad passed away, some of me dancing, singing (I’ve now hidden those) and even some of my Mum horse riding, and it really ignited that passion for video once more. A photo can be great for you to look back on but the old home movies really took me back to that moment and I felt like I had been transported back to that very moment I was giggling with my friends and dancing to the Spice Girls. Yes, I said it, I was a HUGE Spice Girls fan, don’t let that put you off! Anyway, where was I…?

*If only I could find a video of this…*

Watching myself all those years ago and hearing all the nonsense I had to say made me smile. The feeling it had brought back, of that carefree moment dancing in sparkly Hawaiian skirts with my friends, made me realise I wanted to be able to relive my wedding in this way-just without the gold skirts and union jack dress! How hard could it be? Well, the first issue was persuading my other half that it was a good idea and that proved to be difficult! He’d been watching far too many celebrity ‘documentaries’ and had visions of all these cameras following him round like he was Peter Andre and I’m starting to realise that’s a common worry for a lot of Grooms. After a lot of last minute begging I roped a few media colleagues to bring a few pro cameras and document our day. I didn’t really know what we were going to do with the footage; I just knew I wanted it filmed. Not the most organised start and this led to a few things being missed that I would have loved to relive now! One would be to have myself and my Husband’s morning filmed. I feel my photographs miss the fun we had and if I’d just filmed my Sister in law walking mouth open into a cloud of hairspray…well that would be the best example of her to show the Grandkids! Because of that I make sure we film both the Bride and Groom in the morning and it’s something our couples love us for, even if they’re unsure of the idea at first, it’s always something the first thing they say they love about their film. Below are a few moments we’ve captured at weddings over the last two years…

The best (and worst) way to learn is at your own wedding, if you’re planning on making a business out of it anyway! And although business wasn’t the plan on the day I pestered my poor Husband to be, it just all sort of fell in to place as I started editing all the footage and I haven’t looked back since! I remember how proud Lee was when I showed him my final cut of our wedding highlights and I remember all the happy tears from the parents when we went round to show it off to them. The best reaction came from our screening (yes, we went all out) when our friends huddled on our couches and watched not only our Highlights and Feature but also our out takes. Some of the things caught on camera were hilarious and will forever keep us all entertained, as well as showing the kids how cool (or embarrassing) their parents used to be!

If you haven’t seen it already then below is the film that inspired my Husband and I to start Love Gets Sweeter. Before you ask, yes Lee does shed a happy tear or two when he sees me walk down the aisle. All the pestering was worth it just for that moment…

If you look at our work now you will see how our style has evolved and how I love adding personality to each wedding film. I hope it also shows you how good a professional wedding video can be. I know wedding budgets can easily spiral and it’s not for everyone spending thousands on their photography, never mind videography, but it’s worth looking to a pro to capture your day in a way that no one else can. I have an Uncle Bob and although it’s lovely watching those wobbly home movies, I didn’t fancy a wedding film that contained mainly out takes or the focus being on his close family and no one else! You’ll be surprised how much pressure is on to get every key shot and in all honesty I wouldn’t want to put one of my guests through that. I’ve seen and heard about too many fall outs over bad wedding photos and/ or video (read Rock n Roll Bride’s post here for the perfect example).

I’m hoping that writing this will help you see that it’s not always a sales pitch when you’re told that the day will pass by so quickly. Trust me, I’ve heard them all and that’s even after being married 2 years! When it comes to the actual day becoming a blur, they’re telling the truth. Trust me, Lee’s pocket watch even stopped during the day and we lost a few hours, we couldn’t believe how fast it had actually gone!

The sad fact is that wedding videography is high up on the list of regrets for couples. I’m so glad I was so passionate about the subject and got that across to Lee otherwise we too would have been one of those disappointed couples. If it’s something you’ve instantly dismissed I would really reconsider. Times have changed and although there are some of the more ‘traditional’ styles out there, wedding videos are now ‘cool’ again. A lot of companies, including ourselves, are all about capturing the day as it happens. In a sort of documentary style, as if we were a wedding guest silently observing your day. That’s how we create films that really bring the day back to life and have more of a personal feel. You can even get more of a cinematic approach that proved popular in the US! I can’t imagine spending all that time planning a wedding, booking an amazing band (or dance group in our case), and really having the best day of your life and then not having something to capture all that fun! Wedding video/ wedding film/ wedding cinema, whatever you’d like to call it, it’s a worthwhile investment as it’s something that will be there for you to enjoy after the wedding and it’s the only way to really bring back those amazing emotions you had on the day. Here are two examples of two really similar weddings, both full of entertainment and dancing for their guests. Yet the film is also has to be a reflection of the couple which is why these films are so unique…

I’ll be honest, it’s not like I watch ours every day. I may have done when I was having the post wedding blues but for now it’s just a nice little recap whenever I feel I’d like to be taken back to my wedding day. My Mother in law gets a lot more use out of it which is lovely and that’s the idea, it’s for everyone to relive and enjoy whenever they like. We may not watch it every day, or every week for that matter, but who does that with their wedding album? It’s something that I will treasure for a lifetime, something I want to show off to the children and hopefully even my Grandchildren, to show what an amazing day we had and how wonderful it was to share it with our family and friends. We may have had to say goodbye to people along the way but they will forever by in our hearts and in our wedding film.

For me, two years on and I still get goose bumps and happy tears watching my own DVD and I’m happy to say that the films I’ve made for other couples have that same effect and that’s exactly why I started Love Gets Sweeter! You only have to read their glowing testimonials to see for yourself!

Above is just my honest and personal opinion on the whole wedding video subject. I’m sure you’ve had a lot of opinions since you announced your engagement but I hope this has been informative and will help you make the right decision for you. I’m easily excited by the subject which explains all the detail above!! If you decide you should start looking in to videographers (yey!) then look for someone with a style you love, then meet up with them and see if they’re as passionate about your wedding as you are. If someone is still excited by weddings and produces films that are unique and personal every time, if they are friendly and approachable and you feel comfortable with them then they’re right for you. But be quick, the power of wedding films is catching on so the good ones get booked up….fast! Don’t know where to start? Try wedding shows or even The Wedding Industry Awards site as suppliers are voted for by couples who have actually used them!

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