On the 28th of July I knew I’d be part of something very special.

I had been lucky enough to meet primary school teacher Katie and husband to be Stuart a while before the wedding and we just hit it off straight away. They are very similar to myself and Lee and it got me really excited to be filming their wedding day. Fast forward to our meeting just before their wedding and we got to chat over cokes and waters in the fabulous bar at The Grange. We felt completely under-dressed as everyone was arriving in their Sunday best but it didn’t stop us having a giggle and chatting about all their fabulous plans!

Before we knew it, the big day was upon us and arrived at Katie’s house over in the Wirral to the calmest Bridal party I have ever come across!

There was still lots of excitement in the air and everyone was having their hair and make-up done following the very organised schedule Katie had drew up. In fact, everything was very well organised and even the Bridesmaid dresses were hanging in a lovely row in the Hallway with the cutest little tux for the baby of the group. The excitement picked up a bit more when a gorgeous bouquet arrived for Katie, from Stuart. The boy done good as they were the same flowers being used for the Bridal Bouquet!

The Groom had enjoyed a English Breakfast with his Best Man and Ushers before heading over to his Mum’s to get ready. Stuart’s very particular about his ties so ended up doing everyone’s so they were perfect! Oh, and he even ironed some of the shirts! When we’d met at The Grange Stuart was dropping numerous hints about having a pocket watch and it obviously paid off as he opened his gift from Katie in the morning. In fact, he couldn’t stop checking it all day but then that may have been my Husbands fault as he mentioned he’s forgot to wind his on during our wedding and we ended up losing two hours!

It was amazing to watch Katie’s Make-up artist, Michelle, work her magic and we were soon all ready for the big moment where Katie’s wanted to reveal her dress to her family waiting at the bottom of the stairs. It’s never that simple when it comes to wedding dresses even when it seems it will be. At one point we even had Jose the photographer on his knees tugging at the underskirts! The finishing touches were added, like the gorgeous jewellery from Catheralls Jewellery and stunning catherdral length veil, and then Katie was ready. The reveal was as perfect as I’d imagined and brought tears to everyone waiting with me in the hallway.

The vintage VW camper from Taylors Campers arrived to pick up the Bridesmaids first and I stayed to capture all the lovely moments with Katie and her family. There were some really touching moments with her Dad that will definitely be making the Feature! Before we knew it the VW camper was back and the neighbours came out to see the beautiful bride climb elegantly in. When we arrived at St Joseph’s Church we were greeted by a mass of smiling faces. The school where Katie works is next door so lots of happy parents and school children where there to see her arrive. One of the best things happened just as Katie was to step out of the car…a scruffy, middle aged man in a leather jacket and carrying a carrier bag walked right between myself and the perfect shot! What are the chances!? Thankfully we got enough either side of the scruffy man!!

The ceremony was just perfect. Lots of the people outside came in for a sneaky watch and the priest said some very lovely words about Katie and Stuart. We were also treated to a few songs sang beautifully by children from Katie’s school and she looked so proud watching them sing along!

Katie and Stuarts couldn’t stop smiling at each other as they said their vows and it was just heart-warming to relive those moments when I came to editing it in to their feature film.

We were then all laughing as they danced down the aisle and followed them outside to capture the wonderfully traditional confetti shot!

I was then treated to another ride in the vintage camper as we headed off to the Wirral Docks to capture some stunning couple shots with Jose (Fotography) and his assistant for the day, Deanna. We then moved on to the grounds next to The Grange to get a few romantic shots with before the camper had to leave. They were great settings and we had some fun getting some lovely shots of the two of them, here’s just a few of them…

Jose even got some fun photos with the friends and family. At one point Stuart even looked like Billy Elliott with his elegant leaps (something I saw repeated by his Ushers throughout the rest of the day!).

The room looked beautiful and guests were treated to some lovely little touches to make it feel all the more personal. Katie had been there the night before setting the room up and it had definitely paid off as it all came together beautifully. The memory tree was a real hit with guests and they took time in between courses to write little notes for the couple. Not before being treated to some great speeches which had everyone in stitches and even a few tears when the Groom stood up to say a few words about his new wife, Katie. As always, it was the Best Man that got the most laughs!

But a wedding wouldn’t be a wedding without a first dance from the newly weds and they brought more tears to their guests eyes and they took to the floor. The floor soon filled up as they were treated to some great tracks performed by Tequilla and as we left there were a lot of great dance moves being shown off on the dancefloor.

Why not feel like you were there and take a peek at their moving Highlights film below? I had an amazing time capturing Katie and Stuarts day and we were really made to feel a part of their day. I honestly believe this helped me capture there wedding as though I was a guest and it really is the truest reflection of their day you could get…


Ceremony – St Josephs Church, Wallasey

Reception – The Grange, Thornton Hough, Wirral.


Make up – Michelle – The Art of Glamour

Photography – Jose at Fotografy