Or at least decorate it? That’s what I did and I actually loved it! So much so that I’m half tempted to ask the cake shop down the road for a Saturday job!

Here’s some I made earlier…

I’ve been hovering around wedding forums and blogs the last few weeks and I’ve seen so many inspirational ideas! Ways to add personal touches or just to save a bit so you can spend some more on great suppliers! I’ve even made some contributions and a few Brides have taken on some of my fun tips!

I’ve always enjoyed baking but, in all honesty, it’s taken a while to actually get good at it. If you ever come round to view some of our wedding DVD’s make sure you request some of my home-made brownies, they’re one of the reasons my husband married me! When it came to the wedding though, brownies just wouldn’t cut it-and would take forever to bake! I also realised that I didn’t fancy the stress of yet another sponge cake sinking in the middle so we asked around our friends to see if anyone knew someone willing to help. One of our Best Men found a wonderful work colleague who wanted to help and had made numerous celebration cakes for friends and family! She made us a plain white, 4 tier cake that worked out cheaper than M&S! They’re known for being very shallow cakes so if you’re wanted a stacked cake, like our very own show below, an M&S version would look like it had been squashed.

Wedding cake

So why not have a go yourself? It’s a great way to add a bit your own personality to wedding day!