There are some things that just happen in the heat of the moment at weddings. These lead to some of the funniest things I have ever seen and it’s always handy to have a camera! A Groom and his Best Men on a Merry-go-round in their full wedding outfits is one of the highlights this time round!

We first met Paul and Jenna at Scarisbrick Hall’s wonderful Spring Wedding Fayre between Ormskirk and Southport. They were asking lots of questions about our work when Paul asked the funniest of them all…’Are they actors?’, as he pointed at the screen. It was Jamie and Evie’s wedding so we thought maybe they held themselves a lot better than the average couple as they were wedding photographers when they weren’t getting married themselves! It turned out that it was because they were a familiar face to Paul and his Mum. Paul runs a carpet shop in Ormskirk and they had just done Jamie’s Mum’s carpets! It’s a small world!

We started pretty early on the day itself as we couldn’t miss all the fun at the hairdressers! Scott even got up early to dash over to Paul who was staying at The Vincent Hotel. He decided he fancied having a traditional wet shave in Wayfarers Arcade in Southport. The guys looked very anxious as the barber sharpened his blades! The girls however looked very calm as the hairdressers went about their business making them look glamorous! Before I knew it, we were finished and settling in at Jenna’s home with the bridemaids. Lots of tears were shared as Jenna opened her gifts from Paul and I even got a cheeky text asking what she had thought! I obviously didn’t see Paul’s morning until the edit but they looked like they had a lot of fun wandering round Southport, including that moment on the fairground ride!

The morning went by in a blur and before we knew it the co-ordinator Rebecca was ushering everyone in and awaiting the arrival of the beautiful bride! Jenna had made it nice and early, but so early that the car was having to stop on the drive to allow late running guests to rush past! The ceremony went perfectly and everyone was grinning from ear to ear! There wasn’t a cloud in the sky as the guests made their way out on to the beautiful lawns for lots of fun group photo’s with Steve from Love and Bride. Guests were ushered back inside for the wedding breakfast and the emotional speeches came first-not a dry eye in the house as Paul and his Brother said some heart-warming words. The Steak dinner went down and treat and guests began to let their hair down in time for a game of Chocolate Roulette (where each guest picks a chocolate from a bowl and hope they miss the select few that are chilli chocolates!!). Before we knew it we were watching the evening guests arrive and the happy couple take to the floor as husband and wife! The Dancefloor Couture DJ did a great job of filling the dance floor after and we captured some quirky dance moves along with lots of hands in the air!

It really is true what they say, weddings pass by in a blur! Even after my own wedding day experience and all these wonderful weddings I have had the pleasure of filming, the day goes so quickly and it’s easy to forget the little things! Thankfully, this is were a wedding film comes into it’s own. A true reflection of your day…

Ceremony and Reception – Scarisbrick Hall, Ormskirk, Lancashire.

Photographer – Love and Bride, Crewe Hall.

DJ/ Evening Entertainment – Dancefloor Couture, Preston.