Back in 2009 I had the most amazing experience with a wonderful photographer called Nicola. I remember the day like it was yesterday just because I was soooo petrified driving up to her house! I must have spent a few months researching ideas for the perfect gift for my husband to be on our wedding day before stumbling across a website called My Boudoir. I was amazed at what I saw but nervous that I’d never be able to pull off some of the stunning poses and ‘sexy’ looks that everyone had, they really did look like models!

Nicola was incredibly helpful and after I emailed her explaining my worries she talked me through the process and she even gave me a secret password so I could see some of the really arty stuff. I was sold, I knew it was the perfect gift for Lee and had the added bonus of giving me a bit of photo confidence for my wedding!

So, the drive up! I left my husband to be sleeping as I snuck out ‘to go wedding make-up shopping’-I knew he’d never ask questions with that one! The wonderful girls at Forever Flawless were great at calming my nerves and turning me into the perfect Boudoir model! Hair and make-up perfected, I finally arrived at Nicola’s beautiful home. Even though it felt very random that I was in my lingerie in a strangers home, she couldn’t do enough to make me feel and ease and before I knew it, I was posing like a real Vogue model! We even tried out some poses I’d emailed her of actresses that were my husbands favourite (Charlize Theron and Kate Beckingsale being two of them).

Thankfully, the well thought out excuse paid off as I didn’t even think to take all my make-up off before arriving home! He never suspected a thing!

I’ve felt daring enough to show you a few of the wonderful images from that day below. It really was a wonderful experience and something that we have treasured ever since. We’re so proud that I did it and I would really recommend it to anyone so do have a look at My Boudoir, you won’t regret it!

Nicola has girls like me travelling from all over to enjoy her Boudoir experience! I thought travelling from Burscough/ Ormskirk/ Liverpool way was far enough!! It’s so worth it though, I promise!