Why do we need a wedding film?

After our first wedding show in Liverpool we came across quite a few couples who asked the question, ‘Why do we need a professional wedding video?’. Film, video, DVD, whatever you want to call it, it’s something that a few couples fail to realise the importance of a great wedding film and come to regret not having one after the big day. I thought it would be useful for me to share bit of my own experience and show you why I feel it’s important to invest in a great wedding film.
You may have already read on the ‘About Us’ page the effort I put in to persuading my then fiancé to have our wedding filmed. It’s the first time he’s been thankful for my persistence on a particular subject! As a lot of couples do, we left the film idea to the last minute and contemplated the idea of just getting a family member to film the ceremony for us. But my experience in working in the film industry led me to realise that just wouldn’t cut it. Even the gritty style films like Hurt Locker use professional cameras to achieve that look! After some bribery we finally persuaded 3 good friends to film our whole day. We had no idea what filming a wedding involved so just gave them a schedule with key parts of the day and let them do their thing-at least it’d be less shaky than Uncle Jason’s version! Ok, I had hours and hours of footage to work through but what better way to learn than making your own wedding film!

Our Very Own Highlights

Thankfully we made a great choice (although we did regret not splashing out on HD, something we offer to ALL our couples now!). It’s through our own wedding film that we have been able to inspire many other couples and produce even more beautiful, personalised wedding films.
A professional wedding film shouldn’t be about filming everything and just putting it all on a DVD thinking that would help couples relive the biggest day of their lives. Trust me, no one wants to sit through hours of mingling guests footage! A good film isn’t all about great shots, it’s also about great editing. Editing can really bring out the feeling and atmosphere of the day, bringing back all the emotions of the day through carefully thought out narrative building. We’ve even had strangers cry at our wedding film, not something that has happened with our photographs! So a great wedding film really can be a great reflection of you and your day.
A still can tell a thousand words but a film can really bring those words to life. A film should complement your photographs, enabling you to really treasure the moment s captured. There are so many styles out there so it is worth finding the one that suits you and your day. Most companies can create many different styles in terms of look, from vintage colouring…

Catherine and Darren

To bright and vibrant colours

Emma and Daniel

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/10949155

It’s important to look at how they tell each couples story and how personal they make each film.
It’s really key to find someone that you really like. As well as being someone you’re comfortable with as they will be with you all day, they should be passionate about making your perfect wedding film. They should be happy to follow any strong ideas you have or help you find what it is you want from your film. Every wedding is different, every couple is different and so even after all of the hard work you put into the planning of your wedding, you should be safe in knowledge that you will have your very own personalised wedding film to treasure for a lifetime.

What do you think of wedding films? Let me know below, I’d love to hear from you!